Troop, Recruiter, and Staff Member of the Week & Reporter of the month: July 5th 2021

Aloha Ice Warriors,

It’s your girl, DrQueen here, reporting you to live from Ice Warriors News Center Station. Today I bring you this week’s Troop, Recruiter, and Staff Member of the Week. As last week marks the beginning of July, we also announce July’s reporter of the month! Exciting news. Let’s jump right into our chosen warriors for this week’s/month titles!

The Troop of the Week: Lucyy

This week’s troop of the week goes out to our newest Warrant Officer, Lucyy! Lucyy has been a part of the Ice Warriors for around three months. Last week, The leaders/LITs saw Lucyy’s activity skyrocket and attended a total of 8 CPR events! This earned her a DOUBLE promotion to Warrant Officer, placing her in our tier two ranks. We hope to see even more great work from you Lucyy and thank you!

Awesome job!

Recruiter of the Week: Saber_Tooth_Rat

Our Recruiter of the week also goes to another individual whose activity has been amazing this week as well, Saber_tooth rat! Saber_tooth_rat has been a part of the Ice Warriors for approximately four months. His continuous activity earned him a spot in the Recruiting Warriors division where he was able to bring in a total of 10 members into IW! His hardworking energy secured him this week’s title! You can always find him in our main chat if needed! (BTW, I do totally agree with you that Waffles are better than Pancakes)

-insert approve emoji-

Staff Member of the Week: Emma/Puss in boots

Oh Emma, how is it already your a little to 20 different staff members in IW? LOL, Congrats Emma on earning this week’s title. Emma was one of the few staff members this week who attended ALL 10 CPR EVENTS, this week. The ability to keep up with this insane amount of events is insane. Ever since Emma got her promotion to full staff, she has been excelling extremely well in her staff duties, always constantly welcoming and recruiting and hosting many games for our troops and even interacting with them during our events!! When you see Emma, please send her more grape emojis, or else she will melt. 


Reporter of the Month: Dany

Last but not least, we have our special reporter of the month, Dany! Dany has been a huge help to the Ice Warriors New’s Center (IWNC) this past June month. To begin with, Dany wrote a total of four major articles for IW, placing him on top of the list for the most amount of articles written by any reporter in the month of June. He also obtains around 40+ viewers per every article he writes which is amazing numbers! As well, he was a huge help in assisting DrQueen to update the ranks page, which is a very tedious process, given how big our server is. We are super proud of you Dany, and thank you for all your hard work in IWNC!

Are you trying to earn yourself a demotion from IWNC or wat?

That’s all for now folks! Wanna learn how to be this week’s troop/recruiter/staff of the week? Simple. First, attend as many CPR events. In fact, helping some troops in our main chat log on for our events and even just interacting in main chat will get you noticed by leaders/LITs, until then…

Live life from one high to another :tl1Heart_Pink~1:

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  2. Whats a ROTM anyways, and why am I up there?


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