Fan Art Friday #32

Welcome back to the Ice Warriors News Center, where you can find all news related to our army and server! Today we have another issue of our weekly article, Fan Art Friday! If you’ve never heard of it before, let me briefly explain it to you. Fan Art Friday is a weekly paper where we feature your artwork for the entire army to see! Today, we have some stunning artwork to show off!

First up, we have some very appealing art made by sophiee! Let’s take a look at it and see what she has to say!

Take a look at this exquisite art!

Et3rnal: I really love how this artwork you created captures the beauty of nature. What motivated you to compose this piece?

sophiee: I think what motivated me was drawing a lot when I was a kid. I think I just wanted to draw again, although this art was from like 6 months ago.

Next, we have a really interesting pixel art created by our Warrant Officer, Kotahi! Fun fact: He actually uses this as his profile picture!

A mysterious figure lurks in the shadows

For the third piece, let’s take a look at a painting! This one, made by Jean, must have taken a long time to construct, considering the diverse use of colors and brushstrokes. Let’s ask her how long this took to paint, and what prompted her to create such a work of art!

Check out the incredible detail on these elegant flowers!

Et3rnal: This painting is truly amazing, it has incredible attention to detail. How long did this take to paint? Did you use any references? What made you want to draw these flowers over anything else?

Jean: This painting took me approximately 5-6 hours. No, I did not use any references. Honestly, flowers are really beautiful in my opinion, and I realized I’ve never drawn flowers before. It really caught my eye.

We’ve already taken a look at some art displaying a beautiful landscape, so why not switch it up and take a glance at a seascape? Here’s a fascinating Club Penguin Army concept, animated by our newly announced Staff in Training, JustAsh!

Look at that stylish hair!

Et3rnal: This animation you made for the GFX contest is amazing, especially for your first attempt at animation! I especially like the little fish, and I love how the sun’s rays shimmer through the open water. Was there anything in particular that inspired you to create this masterpiece?

Ash: Well, coming up with the fake army is where I started. I thought it’d be really cool to take IW’s signature color of Light Blue but make a totally unique-looking army out of it. After a few days of brainstorming (and LOTS of scrapped ideas), I came up with The Sirens! I also knew that my opponent that round (IceyAvocado) is an amazing artist, and if I wanted to win I had to get out of my comfort zone. I usually work with gifs in my GFX, but I had never animated something on my own before. If I was gonna make it through to the next round, I knew I had to get experimental! As my GFX style does involve editing with gifs, I still used gifs to make the water effect & bubbles, but everything else was animated by me & I’m really happy with how it turned out

Et3rnal: Wow, I can tell that you’ve really put a lot of time, though, and effort into this. Good luck in the Semifinals, and we’d love to see your next entry in #fan-art soon! :awe:

Ash: Thank you so much!! :tl1Heart_Black: Your words of encouragement really mean a lot to me :scratchheart: I’ll try my best! :zzmilkrespect:

Well, that’s going to wrap up our 32nd edition of Fan Art Friday. If you’d like to have a chance of being featured on our website in a future article like this, be sure to post your artwork in #fan-art! Our extremely important tournament, Legends Cup, is taking place very very soon, with our first round tomorrow! Be sure you react in #legends-cup so that you don’t miss out! Anyway, this is reporter Et3rnal_Vo1d signing off, take care and have an excellent weekend!

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  1. Aaaaa I’m so happy to have been featured ❤
    Everyone's art is so beautiful! Another great edition of Fan Art Friday!


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