Events Recap: July 25th – 31st

Hey Ice Warriors!

The weekly events’ recap is back, find all of our Spirit Week events down below!

[AUSIA] LCXI Training

Max: 35

[EU/US] Sprit Week Opening Event

Max: 42

[EU/US] Spirit Week Showdown

Max: 40

[EU/US] Spirit Week Battle with Smart Penguins

Max: 33

[AUSIA] Spirit Dance Party (feat. no-show FW cri)

Max: 31

[EU/US] LCXI Quarter Finals vs. Secret Service

Max: 48

Hope you all had fun during our Spirit Week! One more event to go, see you all there! Until next time,


One Response

  1. Fun fun fun wooooooo last day of Spirit week is Sunday 1st August ❤ Bring on LCXI semi-finalssss 🥳💙


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