IW Graphics Tournament: Round 4 Results, Submissions & Finals Theme!

Hey Ice Warriors!

We are so close to the finishing line! Only two people remain standing, who are they and what will their final assignment be? Find out in the post below!

Semifinals’ Submissions




Our beloved Shinde decided to forfeit from the competition, which left the judges’ to deliberate… Our two finalists…

Congratulations to Ben and Ash for making it to the final round!

Here is your final assignment!

Finals Theme: Future of Ice Warriors’!

Deadline: Saturday, August 7th, 11:59PM EST

For the finals, your assignment is to depict the future of the Ice Warriors! Are you part of it, what will we be doing? Show us what you got for this last round, the trophy is within reach! You have a whole week to work on your GFX! Once done, please submit the GFX to @kally#0001 in DMs. The judges will deliberate on Sunday, and the winner will be announced end of day.


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