Q&A: Predicting the Semi-finals

Hello, once again Ice Warriors!!
I hope you’re enjoying your day and are continuing to vibe. With Legends Cup currently going underway with only 4 armies remaining (one of them being us), it’s important for IW to stay vigilant and as prepared as possible. For today’s Q&A, we’ll be recapping previous Legends Cup events and making predictions for how IW will fare moving forward. Without further ado, let’s just hop into it.

Due to the Ice Warriors having a generally large size count, we were given a first-round bye.
What were your thoughts regarding IW having a first-round bye?

Penguin: I think that having a first-round bye for the legends cup put a big target on our back because we were one of the top 2 armies, and now everyone wants to win against us. So that should motivate us to max more penguins online and work harder.

Gavin: I think that that is ok, I get the reason why to make everything fair plus IW’s size, but I also can see the argument that people can have as to how it’s not fair and that IW should have the same chance as everyone else.

Dany: So I say we got lucky that we got to skip the first round, not because it would’ve been difficult, but because we got more time to practice and prepare our troops for the upcoming battles.

How confident were you that IW was winning the Quarter-finals?

Piya: Fully confident; I mean if we didn’t win, then who would? Not only because of the size advantage, but we have so many amazing leaders, staff, and troops. IW has so many years of experience. I’m sure IW will win the Legends Cup.

im_Jay: I am sure we will be at least in the finals – recently we didn’t only defeat our opponents – we completely demolished them! So many people showed up in there, if we keep it up on upcoming battles – we will get even more troops. Who knows, maybe we will even win the Legends Cup :trophy:.

Just_Ash: Honestly? I was SUPER confident! We’ve been doing amazing at all of our Legends Cup trainings’ lately, and we even had mini-boot camps before our fun events. I knew we were gonna pull through :IWinfiniteDab::iwheart:.

I will note that we had an entire clean sweep for the Quarter-finals with the Secret Service, nonetheless, we shouldn’t underestimate our opponents, no matter who they are.

IW vs SS LCXI Quarters

How did you feel about the Ice Warriors getting back into tournament action?

Chevy: I’m very excited for IW to get back into tournaments and such. Tournaments are a great way to get all the staff, troops, etc working together plus there are usually prizes :awe:

Levelz: I’m really really hyped, I love when it’s tournament time cause I feel like all the staff and troops work extra hard and give it their all. From recruiting new members to working on speed, tactics, and formations at training events, the whole army feels so different when we’re in tournament mode. There was a really nice vibe while we were preparing for Christmas Chaos last year and March Madness earlier this year and I feel like there’s a similar kind of atmosphere here now with Legends Cup going on. Can’t wait to see all of our hard work pay off when we win the finals :3

Purple: I really love tournaments they’re so fun, it shows how ice warriors are getting stronger every day and that we’re one of the biggest armies out there :iwparrot: :bluebeat:

The Semi-finals are currently predicted to be quite difficult. Can you state a few ways for IW to be as prepared as possible?

Shinde: The most important during this battle is to get as many people who know the Club Penguin map, know what to do during the event, and of course prepare many tactics since there might be – loved by everyone – overtime. Very important is also to just stay positive and optimistic – getting fun from it is the best what you can experience! So stay positive and don’t freeze up!

IW’s Recent Semi-finals Appearance

During LCX (last year’s Legends Cup), IW had fallen to RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation) in the Semi-finals, do you believe we can advance to the Finals this year?

IceQueen: Yes, I strongly believe that we will advance to the Legends Cup Finals, we have already proven what we can do when we come together as a family and as a community at previous tournaments. :blueheart: :IWinfiniteDab: I believe in us all. We can do this Ice Warriors. Let’s make it a BIA Finale once again. :iwsalute: :RPFSalute:

Kally: I’m positive about it! We’re going to have massive hype for the LCXI semifinals, and I know the whole staff team is working hard to let people know of the event! With the March Madness win under our belt, the LCXI win will be within reach for sure!

IW vs RPF LCX Semis

So as you can see, IW has been keeping consistent motivation for Legends Cup. We reflect on previous Legends Cup events to see what went down, and we have that knowledge we can use to move forward and overcome the challenges we may face. What do you think, do you have faith that IW will be able to pull off an upcoming Semi-finals victory? Let us know in the comments below. Enjoy the rest of your day and remember…

Ice Warriors ON TOP

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