Trivia Thursday #27

Hello everyone! We are back again with another Trivia Thursday! Can you even believe that this weekly article has been going on for almost half a year? Yeah, me neither. But as always, before we start, let’s congratulate Levelz, ReddyRed, and SuperEvilSlayer17 for answering all the questions correctly last week! Well done you guys! Let’s see the answers to last week’s Trivia Thursday were as follows:

1. Freedomist and Kristina

2. Ice Master

3. 🌈 Prideful Penguin 🌈

4. False, Dreary Iceberg was not in IW territory at that time.

5. Press H to not disconnect

For all you new guys out there, let me explain how Trivia Thursday works! So, every Thursday, an article comes out showing 5 questions about the Ice Warriors. The first 3 people to comment down below all 5 correct answers wins… SNOWFLAKES! Snowflakes are our discord currency where you can buy custom roles in our #shop! The winners of Trivia Thursday also get a free shoutout in the next week’s article! Pretty cool eh? Now let’s see if you can answer these 5 questions I’m about to give you. Good luck!

1.  Who are the Ice Warriors battling in the semifinals of the Legends cup?

2. How many snowflakes do you need to buy the Knight role?

3. Which team won :sparkles: Spirit Week :sparkles: ?

4. How many LEADERS are there?

5. What are the most common battle rooms that might be called during a battle?

Bonus Question: Does IceQueen smell?

What was that? Do you know the answers?! Then make sure to comment down below quickly before anyone else does for a chance to win snowflakes and a shoutout in the next Trivia Thursday! May the luck be with you. After you’ve done that, make sure to get ready for the upcoming legends cup battle because oh boy is it going to be a big one! You’ll get tons of super cool rewards for attending and let’s make sure to beat the other team with our Ice Warriors spirit! Until then,

Have fun this summer!

7 Responses

  1. 1. Help Force
    2. 8000 Snowflakes
    3. Green Team
    4. 5 (Icey Included)
    5. Stadium, Inside The Mine, and Iceberg

    Bonus: Yes.


  2. 1.) Help Force
    2.) 8,000k Snowflakes
    3.) Green Team
    4.) 5 LEADERS
    5.) Town and snow forts

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 1) Help Force
    2) 8000
    3) Green Team
    4) 5
    5) Iceberg, Stadium, Inside Mine

    Bonus: No comment.


  4. 1. Help Force
    2. 8000
    3. Green team
    4. 5
    5. Stadium, Iceberg, Inside mine, snow forts


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