Fan Art Friday #33

Good day to you all Ice Warriors!

Hoping everyone is having their weekdays pretty good (or not ), and today is Friday which is the last day before you can relax during the weekends :D. Don’t forget what else we are having on Friday, it’s Fan Art Friday! For this week’s post, it will be the 33rd edition of it, I will show you some of the artworks that our troops of IW have put in their creativity into it which you can see some more on #fan-art! So let’s take a peek to see what inspires them and what made it into a pretty product.

First up will be from our Corporal, Kitty Kat! She has made a digital drawing and as you can see there are two characters shown in the work. One is in a human form and the other is in an animal form. The background really makes each of the characters more unique on how and where they live.

The next artwork will be a painting of two seasons/ weather made by our Staff in Training, Amethyst! 

Cloudy: Hey Ame, I love this beautiful painting you did, is the two seasons inspired by your surroundings or other regions perhaps? Also, how long did you paint this until it’s a final product?

Amethyst: So this is one of my favorite paintings I’ve done, it’s inspired by the weather in Russia (my home country) and the weather in South Africa, one of the places I love to go to. It took me about 2 weeks to finish it, I was planning on doing 3 separate parts but decided to make it 2 parts.

The third artwork that I will show you is a digital art of a handsome man wearing interesting traditional clothing made by our Private First Class, Leung!

Cloudy: Hey Leung, can I know how long this work takes and what’s the inspiration behind this interesting clothing he wears?

Leung: It took me I think a day and a half. The inspiration was Seungho from Painter of the Night, the clothing that he wears is called a Hanbok, a Korean traditional clothing.

Next in the line for this article is an animation using pixel art made by our Private First Class, Blockbuilder50!

Cloudy: Hey Blockbuilder, I like this pixel animation that you made, did you take inspiration from a video game design or from a character that you made before this?

Blockbuilder50: I inspired it from the Pokémon Lucario from Pokémon Platinum. Indeed I was kinda bored so I made that.

And that is it everyone for this week’s Fan Art Friday! I love everyone’s artwork, every each of them is very unique on their own, and can be seen easily that they also put their creativity and their talent to it. If you’re wondering how to be featured in our next Fan Art Friday don’t forget to put your work in #fan-art :). Last but not least, don’t forget to react and attend the next round of the huge tournament #Legends Cup this Sunday, we’ll be battling with Head Force, huge prizes will be given if you attend. And Peace out!

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