Fan Art Friday #32

Welcome back to the Ice Warriors News Center, where you can find all news related to our army and server! Today we have another issue of our weekly article, Fan Art Friday! If you’ve never heard of it before, let me briefly explain it to you. Fan Art Friday is a weekly paper where we feature your artwork for the entire army to see! Today, we have some stunning artwork to show off!

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What’s up Ice Warriors? In case you don’t check your calendar, today is Monday. To be more specific, today is Meme Monday! In today’s post, I explored the dark abyss that is the #iw-memes channel and grabbed some memes to share with you guys! These memes are mainly about the Meme Wars that have been popping up lately. The soldiers in these wars use Memes to fight, so let’s check out some of the memes they have made!

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Why Does Franz Say Chickens During Events?

Hey Ice Warriors!

Hopefully, you all had an amazing week! In this article, you will be learning about a hidden truth that lies beneath Ice Warriors’ history. As you may or may not know, Franz is known to identify chickens as penguins and penguins as chickens while VC leading events for the Ice Warriors. How did this happen? Why has this continued? Keep reading to find out!

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Q&A – The Real Noobs

Hey Ice Warriors!
Welcome to this week’s edition of the Q&A! This week, I went around asking about 30 people who the biggest noob in IW was! Read more to find out what they said!
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Troop, Recruiter, and Staff Member of the Week & Reporter of the month!: June 7th 2021

Whats going on Ice Guardians!

As anniversary week has approached its closure, its time to resume our troop, recruiter and staff member of the week article. Alongside, we finally announce our June reporter of the month! This weeks members were chosen due to their hard work and commitment during anniversary week, while reporter of the month was chosen due to their improvement and dedication towards the branch! Read down below to see who they are!

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Meme Monday

Heya Ice Warriors!

I hope everyone is having an amazing day so far. Today is Monday. You all know what that means. Our weekly Meme Monday article is out! Continue reading to see which Memes will be featured.
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Trivia Thursday #15

Heya Ice Warriors,

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone’s having an amazing day. Before we get started with this week’s Trivia Thursday, I’d like to congratulate Alucard, Nik, and Pran on correctly answering all the questions from our last week’s Trivia Thursday! Let’s have a look at the answers from our previous Trivia Thursday!

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Q and A: What are the plans for Star Wars day?

Hello Ice Warriors!

I’m here with our first May Q&A, taking a closer look into the brains of some of our staff team. What were their responses to these questions? Let’s jump right into it!
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