Why Does Franz Say Chickens During Events?

Hey Ice Warriors!

Hopefully, you all had an amazing week! In this article, you will be learning about a hidden truth that lies beneath Ice Warriors’ history. As you may or may not know, Franz is known to identify chickens as penguins and penguins as chickens while VC leading events for the Ice Warriors. How did this happen? Why has this continued? Keep reading to find out!

It started out as a normal day for the Ice Warriors troops and staff. Everyone was hanging out in the main chat, having fun, and getting hyped for the event! The Town began filling up with troops, and the Event VC finally opened! But who will VC lead this event? Look! It’s Franz and Josh!

When the event started, tactics were being commanded by the leaders and staff, just like any normal event. But then, a bomb tactic came out! Franz told the troops, “Chant the tactic now! Bomb it and run around like headless chickens!” Chickens? Wait, wait, wait, isn’t it supposed to be penguins? Everyone is in shock; Leaders, Trusted, Troops, Staff, everyone. Franz had just said to run around like chickens, in a game about penguins!

Ever since that event, Franz has been known to change the word ‘penguins’ to ‘chickens’ when VC leading. Due to this incident, a troop by the name of Lugia created a meme about this.

This is the start of a new beginning.

Next, Franz gave us a statement on what actually happened.

Franz: You might be asking why I called everyone chickens. At first, it was an accident, but not anymore. If you were in the event VC while Josh and I were VC leading, you could safely assume that it was just a straight-up accident. However, not anymore. You see, one day I realized that chickens were underrated beginning to become underrated and that Club Penguin has reached the end of its current age. That is why I made the official re-branding statement on behalf of Club Penguin.

Franz makes an official re-branding statement on behalf of Club Penguin! Franz has no limits.

Lastly, Et3rnal decided to investigate by going in-depth and interviewing Grace about her opinion.

Eternal: Could you give us some background on your opinion about this highly controversial topic?

Grace: Yeah Franz mentioned it to us. Before that, they got an accomplishment because they were able to make two VC leaders say ‘chickens’ instead of ‘penguins’ in a VC :xd:

Grace expresses her view on this highly controversial topic.

Well, there you have it! Apparently, it was a mere accident that Franz started calling penguins ‘chickens’! Do you believe Franz or do you think there is a deeper meaning? Will this happen again the next time Franz VC leads? You’ll have to attend our events to find out! Keep an eye on #event-information for our upcoming events!
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