Meme Monday

Heya Ice Warriors!

I hope everyone is having an amazing day so far. Today is Monday. You all know what that means. Our weekly Meme Monday article is out! Continue reading to see which Memes will be featured.

First off, we have a meme from our lovely Corporal First Class, Buggie!


Franz: Hey Buggie. What inspired you to create this meme?

Buggie: I found it online and wanted to share it. In my opinion, it was very funny.


Next, we have a meme from our Head General, Reddy!

Franz: Hey Reddy. This meme is quite unique! What did you use to make it?

Reddy: I used the same website which I always use to make memes, ImgFlip! I got the idea from Shinde’s meme (with the leaders) Except now Ezra is a staff. Congratulations Erza again!


The following meme is made by our Head General, Amethyst!

: Hey Amethyst! What’s the reason behind creating this meme?

Amethyst: Every time I saw someone ask a Trusted Staff or Leader in Training if they could VC lead, and most of them said yes. When the troops VC lead, there is just more flavor.


The last meme is from our Staff in Training, Delighted!

Franz: Hi Delighted! What is the reason behind making your meme?

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