Sunday Funday Games #2

Happy Sunday, Ice Warriors!

You might be asking, “What’s a Sunday Funday?” Well, if you read the newspaper you might know of the fun games and comics featured there! Sunday Funday is Ice Warriors’ version of that, with tons of games that you guys can play. Hope you all have fun, now let’s get into it!

Word Scramble!

Here are some common phrases said in Ice Warriors… but oh no! The letters are all scrambled! It’s your job to unscramble the letters and see what the phrase is!

1.) lrulpep si a okrd

2.) rbutn lgabes

3.) I tno aks

Crossword Puzzle!

Based off the clues given, can you fill out this crossword puzzle? Here are the rules!

The object of the game is to fill in all the rows and columns with the correct words. Some of the boxes have numbers in them. These numbers correlate to clues or questions as to what word is supposed to go in the box. Overall, This will help you know which word from each clue goes in what box! These unknown words are commonly said in our main chat, so you can use our main chat history to help! If you need further help on how to solve a crossword puzzle, please reference this video here.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you click on the photo to see the crossword puzzle better!!

Where’s Waldo!! But Staff!

Think you can find one of our trusted Staff/ Staff members in these event photos? Some of them are hard ones so good luck!!

Can you find Emma/Puss in boots (emmauttir) in this picture?


Can you find our local French Queen, Steph (Steph IW) in this picture?

Can you find our local Pikachu, Levelz (Levelz) in this picture?

We hoped you liked this edition of the Sunday Funday games! Remember to tell us your answers in the comments section down below! If you want to continue seeing more of these types of articles in the future, please DM DrQueen or Chevy!

Until then, Don’t Freeze up! 

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  1. very fun article!


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