Q and A: What are the plans for Star Wars day?

Hello Ice Warriors!

I’m here with our first May Q&A, taking a closer look into the brains of some of our staff team. What were their responses to these questions? Let’s jump right into it!

What do you enjoy most about IW?

Cherry: my favorite part about IW is chatting with all the lovely troops and kind people around me!

Josh: My favorite part? It’s gotta be the people 100%, I can remember many instances when I’ve felt like I’ve belonged in the Ice Warriors. They’ve always given me encouragement for me to reach where I’m at now.

Franz:  So, probably the gaming events that are hosted in Ice Warriors. The gaming events are a chance for the IW community to play games, and overall have fun

Gavin: the people and the community that is created here because its such a fun and peaceful environment and its a fun place to hang out

What’s your favorite type of event?

Cherry: my favorite type of event would 100% be the hide and seek events! It’s super fun and hopefully, I would get world champion one day:E5:

Josh: Civil War events for sure (Troops vs Staff vs HCOM), I always thought these were very creative and it gave people, especially troops, to show leadership skills.

Franz: Probably Among Us or Minecraft. Both of those are really popular games and are in my opinion, really fun to play. For Minecraft, if you’re looking for a specific event, the PvP events that are hosted in the MC server are probably the most fun in my opinion.

Gavin: I love the CPR events because they are super fun, but I also love the VC games we play (Kahoot, among us, etc)

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  1. What do i enjoy most about IW? well..when i chat in iw its make me happy. . people..are really nice in iw 😀

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  2. i love you ice warriors ❤

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