Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: May 3rd 2021

What’s happening Ice Warriors!

Welcome to our next edition of announcing our troop, recruiter, and staff member of the week! What makes this week so special is we also announce our reporter of the month for the month of May!! Read down below to find out who they are and their accomplishments!

Troops of the Week: Teny & msflimflam!

This week’s troop of the week goes to Teny and msflimflam!! Teny has been with Ice warriors since November! He is always welcoming all our new troops into Ice warriors, attending our events, and even being a fun sport in our voice chats sometimes! Teny is your guy to go to when you always need some cheering up. Teny never fails to put a smile on your face with his adorable personality and for that, we love you Teny! Thank you for being super amazing Teny and we cannot wait to see you grow in Ice Warriors!



Our next Troop of the week goes to the one and only: Ms Flim to the Flam! Ahh Yes, MsFlimflam, our Queen of the Main Chat has finally earned this title. She is one of our most super active troops in our main chat and is such an amazing hyper when it comes to our CPR events! She is always greeting new people and reminding new troops about our events. Thank you for being super awesome Msflimflam and we cannot wait to see you grow in Ice Warriors!


Recruiter of the Week: ReddyRed

Congrats to ReddyRed for earning this title again! ReddyRed is one of our amazing head generals in Ice warriors. Aside from always being active in our main chat and attending our events, he is a key to the success of our recruiting warriors program! He helps bring in many troops in IW and is always to help others with their recruiting! Congrats again on winning this title, you deserve it!!


Staff Members of the Week: Cloudy and Erza

First up is Cloudy! Cloudy has shown nothing but improvement during her time as a staff member in Ice Warriors. She is always welcoming many of our troops into ice warriors, recruiting constantly, interacting with our new troops, and being an amazing role model to the other Staff/SITs. Cloudy has been with Ice Warriors since September. We thank you Cloudy for her dedication and hard work towards IW.  Future trusted when?!? Again, congrats my love and keep grinding!! Is Cloudy secretly…an e-girl?!?!?



Last but now least, IW’s sweetheart: Erza!! Erza is the recruiting goddess and powerhouse to IW. Before earning her Staff in training role, she has recruited over 1000+ people into IW breaking new records. She is excelling in her training, attending our events, and most of all being an amazing sport and role model to our troops and other staff members. You can always find her in our main chat greeting everyone or find her in Karaoke VC singing Super bass with IceQueen! We love you Erza and congrats on getting staff members of the week! (p.s dont call her Ezra before she gets scareeee)



Reporter of the Month: Chevy

I am proud to announce that our Reporter of the Month goes out to the one and only…and special…interesting staff member Chevy!! Chevy has been with us in Ice Warriors News Centre (IWNC) for about 2 months. Within her time in IWNC, she has written amazing articles which have gotten over 50+ views. She is always willing to put in the extra work in the articles making sure they grammar free and submitted on time. Chevy is always willing to go the extra mile and pick up articles when needed. Her dedication and commitment towards IWNC made the current heads of the IWNC want to appreciate her for all her hard work. Congrats again Chevy!



Wanna be next week Troop, recruiter, or staff member of the week? Just remember to help troops in our main chat, recruit for IW & attend our events! You are always more than welcome to DM me or a LIT/Leader and we can help you reach your goal!!

Until then… Don’t freeze up!

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  1. YOOOOOOOO CONGRATS EVERYONE!!! Keep up the great work :3


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