What’s up Ice Warriors? In case you don’t check your calendar, today is Monday. To be more specific, today is Meme Monday! In today’s post, I explored the dark abyss that is the #iw-memes channel and grabbed some memes to share with you guys! These memes are mainly about the Meme Wars that have been popping up lately. The soldiers in these wars use Memes to fight, so let’s check out some of the memes they have made!

To start off our post, we have a meme from our Staff in Training, Reddy! This meme came to be during Reddy and TheNathanBoy’s meme war. Reddy has a few pinned memes, but Nathan has none! However, this doesn’t mean Nathan can’t catch up to Reddy and win the war. Who do you think will win the meme war between these two? Comment below what you think!

Reddy VS Nathan, who will win?

Jean: What did you use to create this meme?

Reddy: For this meme, I used the same meme maker I use every day, which is none other than imgflip uwu


For our second meme, we have another meme about Reddy! It was created by Delighted, one of our Staff in Training! Reddy is an amazing meme creator, but what is the context behind this meme?

Delighted: Well, Reddy is a really good meme creator. And I want to challenge him in the intention of a meme war! I think I will be able to beat him

When will the wars end!?!??!


The following meme is created by our amazing Major General, Hiro! This guy, let me tell you. Hiro is one of the greatest meme creators you’ll ever find and has held his head up high throughout this entire meme war. I believe Reddy and Hiro have a good chance of winning if they work together. They are usually against each other, but maybe this is a sign to team up!


Finally, the last meme is created by our memester, TheNathanBoy! He is one of our funniest Brigadier Generals and you can see that in his memes! At this point, I have no idea who might win the meme war… the memes are too good.

Jean: What was the idea behind this meme?

Nathan: Well, I was making some memes, then I came back to post one, and my iPad started to lag, it had to reload, and when it was reloading, I could see the last messages in #iw-memes, and Reddy’s nickname was smth like “it’s Lebron James” and when it loaded, his name was “I made law want to retire” and I was like uwu there’s a meme idea

What a crazy story!


Now, that’s it. I have finally found my way out of the #iw-memes void and can be freed. If you’re brave enough, you can go take a deep dive in the channel too, and maybe even post some of your own memes! Comment down below how long you think this meme war will last, have a great day and stay safe!

Ice Warriors Forever!


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  1. The meme war started on June 20 today it’s June 28… O_o that’s pretty long if I may say.


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