Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: June 28th 2021

Heyo amazing Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have had a fantastic start to the new week! Time is flying and the end of June is approaching fast! Right, let’s get to it… who are our new troop/recruiter/staff members of the week?! Keep on reading to find out!

Troop of the Week: CookiePookie!

CookiePookie, our Corporal First Class has been an exemplary troop this week attending a total of 6 events! You’ve been an amazing role model to your fellow troops! Congratulations! It’s been really great getting to know you, did you know I was also once a similar rank? Thank you for attending our events and for bringing a great vibe into the server, we can’t wait to see how far you go in Ice Warriors!

CookiePookie looking chic in his white suit!

Recruiter of the Week: Dino Chip!

Dino Chip, our Captain has been doing amazing this week as a recruiting warrior! Thank you for inviting members to the Ice Family, we appreciate all the dedication and hard work! It’s so important to keep our community growing and you are playing a key part in that! Congratulations!

Dino Chip rocking in her Mexican-inspired outfit!

Staff Member of the Week: Impoztor!

Impoztor is one of our Staff in Training! He has been working super hard recently at the SiT Academy and has helped to welcome so many new Ice Warriors into the Ice Family! He hosts many Roblox events and has also been a great asset to our Roblox Games Division! Thank you for always doing your best and for always trying to improve in the jobs you do as staff! Congratulations! Now… if you noticed recently, Impoztor renamed himself to Impo xD. Look below on why he’s decided to keep this nickname! 

Our staff member of the week Impoztor aka Impo xD! 

Give a huge congratulations to; CookiePookie, Dino Chip & Impoztor when you see them on main chat! Keep on working hard Ice Warriors and as always remember to…

Love Yourselves!

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  1. congrats!


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