Igloo Furniture Cheats June 2021

Hey Ice Warriors! I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far. We just had a post on CPR’s Prehistoric party which you can check out here. Now it’s time for a brand new theme in the June Furniture catalogue! We have two themes for the new catalogue! Music & the Beach! This totally calls for an awesome beach party with all your penguin and puffle friends. Don’t forget the floaties! Continue surfing along this post to find out about all the hidden items in this month’s summer and music-themed catalogue!

On the first page, we have lots of items to set up a stage for a music bash! You can find many different items on this first page such as: a classy bookshelf, a smoothie machine, a blue rug, a Mexican rug, a green oval rug and a rectangle rug.

On this second page, you can find lots of different instruments! Some more musical items hidden on this page! You can find a lamp, a footlight stage, a folding chair, a dance mat, a large aquarium, and a pink lamp.

On this third page, we have some Teen Beach Movie items! Also hidden on this page is a drum kit, a lounging deck chair, an inflatable sofa, and an inflatable chair.

On the fourth page with even more Teen Beach Movie items, we have these items hidden! A sound station, a vine swing, a stage curtain, a yellow CP banner, and a basketball hoop!

On page five, you can find a watering can, a wood bench, and a tennis court.

On the sixth page, you can find lots of sports items with more secrets to discover. The secret items being; a puffle swing, a wood cabinet, some wood shelves, and a zebra!

On the final page of the new catalog we have; a surf beach towel, a weight bench, a blue CP banner, some sunscreen, and finally a basketball court.

With the new igloos being released you can purchase the age of dinosaurs’ location pack. You can find the hidden background of the egg hunt and the hidden log cabin igloo by clicking on one glass lens of the binoculars.

The newest igloo location is a soccer pitch with the hidden nighttime version of the location!

That’s the final catalog for the month of June! Which item is your favorite? Are you excited about the possible music jam or summer party coming up, or do you prefer the current Prehistoric party? Let me know in the comments and let me know if I may have missed a hidden item. Have an amazing day Ice Warriors.

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