Q&A: IW’s 2021 Transitions and Accomplishments (So Far)

Well hello, Ice Warriors!!
I hope you all are having an amazing week so far. Within the first 6 months of 2021, IW has been through quite a lot as both a discord server and as a Club Penguin army. Considering we are approaching the halfway point of the year, for today’s Q&A, I thought it would be fun to recap IW’s past transitions and current accomplishments throughout the year so far. So without further ado, let’s get to it!


On January 13th, 2021, it had been announced that the Ice Warriors were going to rebrand to a gaming server, no longer as a Club Penguin Army since the removal of flash meant the loss of an old CPPS, cparmies.net.

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What were your initial thoughts on the transition from a Club Penguin army to a gaming server?

DrQueen: So I was actually both excited and nervous. I was excited due to the fact we were hosting activities like movie night, karaoke, Roblox events. I saw other army servers do it in fact, we never got around the chance to do those fun stuff with our troops, and to do those fun things with your friends in IW was something I was looking forward to, as it could bring our community closer with one another. It was like something new for IW members to do than just do CP events. Same time I was really nervous because I felt like Ice Warriors would haven’t felt the same again due to us not doing CP events since we didn’t know our return time. I was afraid people would retire/quit, but at the end of the day, I felt like it made us closer with staff and troops.

Dizzy: Oh wow, I haven’t thought about that probably since it happened. Yeah, I remember staff really going through it with every small change. I wasn’t sure they were going to make it past watching the role names change to admin and co-admin. It didn’t really hit me until I was purposely trying to find something of us being a Club Penguin Army, and it was like almost overnight everything was wiped from anyone being able to see it like it never happened. Honestly, what I remember most was just being frustrated but I don’t know anyone that wasn’t.


Eventually, an announcement was made on February 1st that the Ice Warriors would make a return as a Club Penguin army.

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What was your first reaction to hearing that IW is returning to being a club penguin army?

DrQueen: To be honest, I was excited for sure, I love this gaming server aspect, but I really missed leading. To be able to do that again was what made me pumped.

Dizzy: I honestly wasn’t sure how well it was going to work out because I watched CPR make it impossible for us to say anything IW-related once before. Back when Alex & I were trusted together, we sat on CPR once for hours trying to figure out a way to say literally anything. We gave up when it didn’t look like English anymore, and it was still filtered lol.


What is one of IW’s biggest accomplishments so far?

Subster: 100% the March Madness Victory. It’s one of our best events and greatest victories so far this year! Plus a lot of memes and emojis came out of this, such as this :yeetacp: And we all worked super hard for it with all our training against other armies!

HeadChicken: Probably winning March Madness against ACP. A lot of our troops, staff, and HCOM helped make it happen, which made it a super great accomplishment for IW this year! 😀

Gavin: I do believe that it’s coming out on top and winning MM 2021, and we will definitely win Legends Cup

Chevy: March Madness is definitely our greatest accomplishment this year because it’s the SECOND time we’ve won it. Our leaders, staff, and troops did so much and had so much dedication. We aren’t just an army we are a family and that’s a big reason why we won. No doubt we could probably win the Legends Cup as well if we keep going as we are.

A deserved win.

Ah yes, March Madness 2021 was a huge accomplishment for IW; in fact, it was quite impactful due to IW winning March Madness last year as well, which meant we had achieved back-to-back March Madness Victories.


What do you see IW being able to accomplish for the second half of 2021?

Alucard: IW has already accomplished so much in such a short amount of time it’s incredible, as for what I think they will accomplish in the second half? I reckon the IW discord server will get the approval for server partnership and become a verified server.

Levelz: :pikathink: I think I can definitely see IW taking 1st in the Legends Cup tournament and then the next tournaments after that be it FoF or CCXI if there are going to be those tournaments again this year. Other than tourney wins though, I think we could definitely get to 25k server members in the next half of this year, that’s gonna be big :goo2:. Those are the things that just come to mind when I think of stuff like that.

Turbo: Considering Legends Cup is coming up really soon and how we have been preparing very much for that, I really am confident we will SMASH that! And also with summer break coming up and people being super free, I believe we will achieve some of the highest event attendance we have had in a while!!

Ben: I think that IW can accomplish a lot of things. I think they could form new alliances. New friendly armies are always fun. I could also see them welcoming a few new leaders to the team. Lots of leaders are always good. Finally, I could see them win the Legends Cup :goo~2:.


How proud are you to be a leader or advisor of the Ice Warriors?

Shinde: I’m very proud. It is an honor to be in this place and help from time to time current leadership, staff, and troops.

Law: I’m extremely proud, I love Ice Warriors. It’s mostly the trust that was given to me. The trust of being able to handle the army that means so much to me.


And there you have it. Clearly, IW has been through a lot for the first half of the year, and it continues to stand strong with dedication from our leaders, staff, and troops. We’re looking to achieve more accomplishments moving forward, especially with the upcoming Legends Cup XI. In the meantime, feel free to comment on your favorite moment in IW or any predictions you may have for future accomplishments we can achieve. Keep on vibing Ice Warriors and as always…
Don’t Freeze Up

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