Prehistoric Party Walkthrough

Hello Ice Warriors! As you’re all aware, our rainbow party event was cut super short because of the new update. I promised you guys a post on it so here we are. Let’s hop in our time machine and discover what this party has to offer until July 4th!


When you first log in, Gary will talk to you, asking you to find 12 dinosaur eggs which are all located in the party rooms. To get there, head to the Snow Forts and click on the Time Machine.

In the very first party room you end up in, theres an awesome shop with some prehistoric items that arent available in the gift shop! Make sure to pick them up because they’re limited addition to the party.


Lets stomp right into all the egg locations! Once you find all 12 eggs, you can claim a prize and transform into 3 dinosaurs of different colors. A T-Rex, a Triceratops and A Ptreranodon!


If you’d like to change back into a penguin, click on your player card and click the big “Transform back into a penguin” button to return to normal!


Egg 1: Located in Tree Palace



Egg 2 & 3: Located in Tricera town!


Egg 4: Located in the swamp!


Egg 5: Located in Dino Nests!


Egg 6: Located in Stony Town


Egg 7: Located in Big Water Place


Egg 8: Located in Scary Ice


Egg 9 & 10: Located in Hunting Spot


Egg 11: Located in Tyranno Town


Egg 12: Ptero Town

Once you collect all the eggs you can transform into any dinosaur by clicking on one of the eggs! You also get a free dinosaur outfit as a prize. When you transform into a dinosaur, try pressing D or W for some special dances!


Which dinosaur is your favorite? Which room do you love the most? Let me know in the comments! That’s all for now Ice Warriors, I hope you have a dino-mite day!


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