Q&A – The Real Noobs

Hey Ice Warriors!
Welcome to this week’s edition of the Q&A! This week, I went around asking about 30 people who the biggest noob in IW was! Read more to find out what they said!

I asked 27 people that question, and here are the results. The number next to their name is the number of people who voted for them:

Purple: 10

Abi: 3

IceQueen: 4

Chevy: 9

Cherry: 1

Kristina: 4

Freedomist: 1

Josh: 1

Sid: 1

Erick: 1

Voters: Swirl, Owl207, Chevy, Blueraven, Kally, Kayla, Jakob, Qt Ben, IceQueen, Shinde, Josh, Orange, Purple, Sao, Franz, Emma, Amethyst, Al, Girofighter, Al3x, HeadChicken, GhostGirl, Penguin, Glitter, DrQueen, Pran, Levelz.

After I got this information, I interviewed the top 4 noobs, which are PurpleChevyIceQueen, and Kristina.

The first question I asked these noobs was: How do you feel about being on of the top 4 noobs in IW?

Purple: idk why I’m in the top 4 cuz I’m not a noob :rolling_eyes:

Chevy: Angry because I’m NOT a noob in anyway :ANGERY~1: but I’m not surprised because for some reason once you die to a chicken in Minecraft everyone thinks ur a noob which is not true

IceQueen: I truly CANNOT believe this! How dare y’all vote me as one of the top 4 noobs? :mad: I am totally not a noob and everyone who voted for me are probably noobs themselves. JK JK I mean I might have done alot of noobish things in the past but that doesn’t mean I’m a noob.

Kristina: honestly I’m confused and shocked and extremely surprised… I don’t think of myself as a noob at all bc I’m the biggest pro

Do you think you are truly a noob?


Chevy: No ofc not, I’m the opposite 

IceQueen: No, I am The Real Elsa :elsa:

Kristina: NO! :krisnoob:

Since when did Elsa have lice?

Who do you think should’ve been in your place, and why?

Purple: Abi should’ve been in my place like fr smh

Chevy: I think Abi or DrQueen should’ve been voted 8 times instead of me. I should’ve had 0 votes.

IceQueen: Noobist or Romanoob. :aahtongue:

Kristina: the ppl who voted for me bc if they call me a noob then its clear that theyre the noobs :flushed:

After I interviewed these noobs, I asked some other faces some more details on who they think the biggest noob is.

DrQueen: Very good question, it has be in fact Chevy! Did you know Chevy’s name translated from uwu is noob?!?! Indeed yes, therefore it’s 100% Chevy

Franz: This is a very complex question. In Ice Warriors, we have many noobs. The biggest noob in Ice Warriors is none other than the refrigerator addict: Chevy! Not only does she hide the fact that she is emo, but she also calls the person who is calling her a noob a noob. This is so she changes the topic from her being a noob to someone else being a noob. With this being said, it is well-known to Ice Warriors that Chevy is a noob.

Dont freeze up!

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