Troop, Recruiter, and Staff Member of the Week: June 14th, 2021

Hello Ice Warriors!

Welcome back to another weekly edition of announcing our troop, recruiter, and staff member of the week! With Legends cup just around the corner, which IW members have been putting in there all to help out? Let’s read down below to find out what they have been doing!

Troop of the Week: JustAsh

This week’s troop of the week goes out to the only and only Ash! If you didn’t know, Ash has been a part of the army’s community for a while, leading one of IW’s older colonies, before Water Ninjas. She returned into the community earlier this summer and ranked up all the way to Head General quite fast! Ever since then, Ash has been a huge help to Ice Warriors such as attending many of our CPR events, hyping our main chat when it’s the event time, simply just chatting with all our troops and even VC lead some of our events!! Thank you Ash for working extremely hard last week! Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Recruiter of the Week: Melonz

Next up, we have our Minecraft Legend Melonz! Melonz is also another one of our amazing head generals who is actively involved in attending our CPR events, our main chat, and also on our Minecraft server! Eventually, Melonz joined the Recruiting Warriors Division, bringing in a total of 20+ troops into Ice Warriors! Congrats Melonz on this achievement and can’t wait to see you do amazing stuff in your Ice Warriors Journey!

Staff Member of the Week: ReddyRed!

Congrats to our recruiting machine ReddyRed for obtaining Staff member of the week! Ever since Reddy joined Ice Warriors, he has been achieving the impossible and doing amazing things in IW! As a troop, he obtained the recruiter of the week role twice! In fact, he won Recruiting Warriors most recently contest! He was then promoted to Staff in Training, where almost every day, we find him recruiting for IW, attending many CPR events, and welcoming many troops into IW! Reddy is one of IW’s meme god and is an amazing artist! Keep on working hard Reddy!


Honorary Guest Staff Member of the week: Holly!

Congrats to Holly for making the Honorary Guest Staff member of the week! If you didn’t know,  Holly is our amazing Leader, Kally’s Dog! Holly has been there to support our staff members, to love them, and encourage them all the way! In fact, Holly has her very own emote in the IW server and has turned into a meme. “HOLLYMAD”.  Thank you Holly for picking us up on the roughest days and If Kally doesn’t give you a treat, you come to Auntie DrQueen, I will feed you one!

Wanna be next week Troop, recruiter, or staff member of the week? Just remember to help troops in our main chat, recruit for IW & attend our events! You are always more than welcome to DM me or a LIT/Leader and we can help you reach your goal!!

Until then… as always Don’t Freeze up!!

The Ice Warriors now have a Patreon! If you wish to support our Website, our Discord server, and our Minecraft server, please consider joining our Patreon, which includes perks such as custom roles, custom emojis, and more on our Discord server! ->


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  3. AAAAA I can’t believe I got Troop of the Week !! TYSM Ice Warriors !!


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