DOUBLE Meme Monday: The Baby Gate & “I DON’T THINK SO BUB”

Hey there Ice Warriors! Today we are going to take a look at TWO memes and the backstory behind them. The first meme is about the story behind Subster and the baby gate, and for the second, we have the explanation of “I DON’T THINK SO BUB.” Continue reading to find out the backstories of these two memes!

First, let’s get into the backstory of the baby gate. Two months ago, Subster opened up about a time when she was babysitting a small child. This small child was throwing items over a baby gate that divided the two. So, Subster was going to try and stop the child, but guess who’s too short to jump over the gate? That’s right, Subster is.

When she bravely jumped over the baby gate she hit her butt, which must’ve hurt. For some reason, she calls ME the dork even though she did this… I guess it’s just denial. So, the moral of the story is, if you think you’re short just remember what happened to Subster and you might gain some confidence in height.

We salute you Subster.

Next up is the story of the famous quote “I DON’T THINK SO BUB.” This meme originated back in December 2020 during the big battle CCX Semi-Finals versus DCP (ew, the chips!) This battle was very important to Ice Warriors because DCP have been long-time enemies, and when a DCP troop decided they’d try to cover the holy lord Iceyfeet1234, this was his reaction;

This was during the CPA era before flash shut down. Since then, this has been memed on constantly. Icey has done a lot of funny and rather confusing things in IW, but this is definitely one of the funniest. You know, we won that battle against DCP, and I bet we could do it again. I wonder what that DCP troop is thinking about right now…

What do you think this DCP troop was thinking about after that?

That’s all for today’s Meme Monday! If you like little recaps like these, DM me so we know what you guys like to see in these posts. Comment/DM what meme you’d like to be on the next Meme Monday and, as always, I hope have a wonderful day! Waddle on!

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