Troop, Recruiter, and Staff Member of the Week & Reporter of the month!: June 7th 2021

Whats going on Ice Guardians!

As anniversary week has approached its closure, its time to resume our troop, recruiter and staff member of the week article. Alongside, we finally announce our June reporter of the month! This weeks members were chosen due to their hard work and commitment during anniversary week, while reporter of the month was chosen due to their improvement and dedication towards the branch! Read down below to see who they are!

Troop of the Week: Silver Boy

Congrats to Silver boy for making troop of the week! Silver boy has been a member of the Ice Warriors for some time now and is active in attending our CPR events! In fact, Silver boy attended a total of 7 CPR events throughout our anniversary week! Aside from attending, he has proved himself to be AUSIA’s next hype-man when it comes to hyping events! You can always find the Silver boy attending many of gaming events, Minecraft especially or just hanging out on the Minecraft server! Congrats to Silver boy for earning this well deserved title!

Recruiter of the Week: p1nguino

Congrats to IW’s favorite Robert Downey Jr. Fan p1ngunio for making recruiter of the week! She is one of our most active troops in main chat, attending CPR events and a HUGE help when it comes to take event pictures. Now she is showing she can do more by recruiting for the Ice Warriors!! P1ungio has been practicing her recruiting, inviting more than 10+ people into IW!  Keep up the amazing work P1ngunio and cannot wait to see you grow in Ice Warriors!

Reporter of the Month: Franz

Ice Warriors favorite spam machine Franz, has made debut on the reporter of the month list! Franz joined Ice Warriors New Center team two months ago. As soon as they joined, was eager to pick up to pick up and write so many articles for our troops! (It was so much we had to tell Franz to slow down). They has already written many amazing articles, in which some of them have gotten over 50+ views on! Aside from that, the IWNC Heads/Co-heads have seen nothing but major improvement in Franz’s writing and his role as a reporter. For those reason, Franz was chosen Reporter of the month! Keep on writing! :hfnews: (More writing and less spamming)

Staff Member of the Week: Josh

Its finally time Josh gets staff members of the week! Congrats to Josh for earning this WELL-DESERVED TITLE. Josh has been with the Ice Warriors since May 2020. As a troop, he ranked up fairly quickly among the troop ranks where he secured a staff position really quickly. (Fun Fact, Josh was a killer recruiter back when he was a troop). Josh has been recruiting recently, inviting a total of 500+ to the server, hyping for our events & making Ice Warriors troops feel welcomed. What makes Josh unique is his personality and compassion towards our IW staff. When someone is down, he never fails to cheer them up and be that person who makes everyone smile. We love you so much Josh and don’t forget, you are doing amazing, even tho on the days you feel like you’re not. You can find Josh always in a VC or writing a poem/rap about Ice Warriors!

Wanna be next week Troop, recruiter, or staff member of the week? Just remember to help troops in our main chat, recruit for IW & attend our events! You are always more than welcome to DM me or a LIT/Leader and we can help you reach your goal!!

Until then… as always Don’t Freeze up!!

The Ice Warriors now have a Patreon! If you wish to support our Website, our Discord server and our Minecraft server, please consider joining our Patreon, which includes perks such as custom roles, custom emojis and more on our Discord server! ->

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