Meme Monday: Who actually has their phone at 53% at all times?

Hey there Ice Warriors! It’s Monday, and you know what that means! Another look at the goofy shenanigans that go on in Ice Warriors, and there’s a lot of them. Today we’re going to look at something that happened not too long ago, who’s phone is truly at 53% at all times? Continue reading to find out!

First, a little back story. On Saturday, June 5th, Ice Warriors hosted a talent show for all of the troops! At first, there were a ton of normal and awesome talents (i.e. singing, making art, playing an instrument, etc), but then, Chevy’s talent (my talent) came up. Her talent was keeping her phone percentage at 53% at all times. What an awesome talent, right? Yeah, it was a pretty awesome talent. So, the hosts IceQueen and Gavin asked what her phone percentage was. What did she say? “My phone is dead.”

This was CRAZY embarrassing. She had a bunch of troops and staff calling her a dork, which was honestly pretty normal for her, but then… then… DrQueen had to say something. She had to go and make the embarrassment EVEN WORSE for the poor little refrigerator. After the talent show was over, DrQueen went into main chat and mentioned how her phone was at 53%, unlike somebody she knew.

So, now that we got the back story out of the way, we can answer the question; Who’s phone is at 53% at all times? The answer to this question is… nobody from Ice Warriors. Only a crazy man could truly have their phone at 53% at all times. Why do I say this? Take a look at the multiple screenshots down below:

Nobody learns how to charge their phone, they are too busy bullying the poor little refrigerator. Before you bully Chevy for not having her phone on 53%, maybe check your own phone. Chevy’s percentage is definitely gonna be higher than yours because that is Chevy’s true talent. Her true talent is being really awesome and amazing and cool and awesome.

:warning:This post is not biased:warning:

P.S: You guys should start charging your phones. Let this be a lesson.

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  1. Whoever wrote this must be really cool

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  2. PlEaSe cHaRgE YoUr PhOnEs


  3. it cracked me up so hard, thanks for the laughs


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