Trivia Thursday #15

Heya Ice Warriors,

Happy Thursday! I hope everyone’s having an amazing day. Before we get started with this week’s Trivia Thursday, I’d like to congratulate Alucard, Nik, and Pran on correctly answering all the questions from our last week’s Trivia Thursday! Let’s have a look at the answers from our previous Trivia Thursday!

1.) EU, US, AUSIA / Blizzard, Polar, Artic
2.) ACP Destroyer / Loyal Warrior
3.) Nine 3rd in commands
4.) This question was a free point, anybody that answered got this question right. This is because the website had not updated their allies page yet so you could not find out the true amount of allies.
5.) This was based on the role menu, so it was AROUND 1000 which means anything near 1000 would’ve worked


For anyone that is new to Trivia Thursday, let me briefly explain. Trivia Thursday is when I give you a series of questions and the first three people to answer it correctly receive SNOWFLAKES. The correct answers for this week’s questions will be posted in the next Trivia Thursday post. With that being said, here are this week’s Trivia Thursday questions:


1.) What were the 3 armies that were associated with BIA
2.) Which leader was inducted at the date: 04/25/2021
3.) Back in the CPA era, what emote did pressing E+V give you?
4.) Name 4 IW advisors
5.) What are the requirements to get whitelisted on our MC server?


Do you know the answers to these questions? Make sure to comment your answers down in the comments section below to participate in this week’s Trivia Thursday! Keep in mind that the first three people to answer these questions correctly will get featured in the upcoming Trivia Thursday and will be receiving snowflakes. Good luck!

Ice Warriors Forever!

6 Responses

  1. 1.) Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, and the Dark Warriors
    2.) Kally
    3.) the Ice Warriors Salute (with the Cape and Cap, no hockey shirt)
    4.) Orange, Flamez, Regan, Shinde
    5.) Be a Private First Class and in the IW discord for over a week


  2. 1) IW, rebel penguin federation, dark warriors
    2) kally
    3) :iwsalute: emote
    4) orange, flamez, regan, shinde
    5) have private first class rank, be in IW discord server for at least a week


  3. 1. RPF, IW, DW
    3.IW salute
    4. Orange,Flamez,regan,Shinde
    5. Be private first class and in IW for over a week.


  4. 1. RPF, IW and DW

    2. Kalisuh

    3. Iw salute

    4. Flamez, Orange, Shinde and Regan

    5. have Private first class rank, cpr role and be on the server for at least a week


  5. 1. RPF/IW/DW
    2. Kally uwu
    3. IW Salute
    4. Flamez 🔥, Orange 🧡, Shinde 🙈 and Regan 🍺
    5. Have ranks: private first class, CPR (make a club penguin account and tell a trusted staff) and be on the server for at least a week


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