Fan-Art Friday #23: Penguins, Angels, Mermaids and more!

Hey Ice Warriors!

Hope you’re having an amazing Friday! If you haven’t checked out our #fan-art channel yet, make sure you do. We have so many resident artists in Ice Warriors! Keep on reading to find out which art pieces have been selected for today’s Fan Art Friday article!


Our first piece is an incredible art piece from our Colonel, Teny!

‘Guardian Angel: Icicle’ by Teny

IceQueen: Hey Teny, this piece is amazing! What’s the story behind it?

Teny: Ooh… I think one day, while I was eating lunch or it was some quiet evening (can’t really specify which one lol) I had this great idea of “what if Ice Warriors had some sorta guardian angel?” and so, I quickly went to work on it and voila, Guardian Angel: Icicle

This next piece is a very cute Ice Warriors Penguin drawing made by our Staff, Alucard!

‘Chonky beak’ XD by Alucard


IceQueen: Hey Alu, how did you make this drawing? 

Alucard: Using Adobe Illustrator, I used the penguin as a base image and traced over it.

This colourful drawing is made by our Private, Xeno!

Bicycle drawing by Xeno


IceQueen: Hi Xeno, this is an awesome drawing! What did you use to make the art?

Xeno: A book, a pencil, a color pencil, and a pen.

The following pretty fashion sketch is by our Marshall, Queenzie!

‘New fashion queen UwU’ by Queenzie


IceQueen: Hey Queezie! What inspired you to start making fashion drawings?

Queenzie: I realized I loved fashion when I wanted to learn how to sew and watched Project Runway.

The last piece of artwork is very unique and is made by our Trusted Staff, Subster!

‘Mermaid Ahsoka’ by Subster

IceQueen: Heya Subs! What’s the inspo around the idea to fuse a Mermaid and Ahsoka together?

Subster: Basically, it was May the 4th (Star Wars Day) and Mermay, which is an art challenge for all of May to draw mermaids. So it was just the perfect collab, her tail matches her hair things too!!!

Hope you all enjoyed the art pieces in today’s post! Which one is your favourite? Comment below!

If you would like your art to be featured next time, make sure to post it in the #fan-art channel of our Discord!

Love Yourselves! ❤

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