Master Yoda’s Stolen Food Tragedy

Hey Ice Warriors!

This week we have a post written up by Reporters, Dany, and HeadChicken about the one and only Master Yoda. (Iceyfeet1234) Could a tragedy have taken place? What exactly could have happened? Keep on reading to find out!

It was a fine evening, cricket-like sounds all around the place, Master Yoda, aka Iceyfeet, the strongest and oldest Jedi Soldier, was pleased with the calm feeling the place brought up to him. He believed that the sound of crickets strengthened his connection with The Force. After a few more moments of reflection and tranquillity, Master Yoda found himself craving for a little snack, perhaps his favorite meal, Roasted Frogs, would satisfy his hunger. As he was roaming around his home, he heard some rumbling, but dismissed it later, nothing, or no one, could oppose much of a threat to him. He later reached his small, humble kitchen, after a minute of searching, he couldn’t find none of the leftover frogs he had saved for another meal. He desperately started looking around the house to see if he had misplaced his favorite dish, but no, not even with the force could he detect the food. Later then, something clicked inside of him, The Rumbling from earlier, as he remembered the strange sound, by using the force, he grabbed his lightsaber, and got ready for a small battle, supposing there was a thug roaming around his precious home. As soon as he stepped down on the little porch, there it was, the one who had stolen his food, the one and only, Jabba The Hutt, aka Lawcorazon. Master Yoda watched in horror and the big blub devoured his leftovers, oblivious of his presence. After a few minutes of torture, as Master Yoda called it, the tailed monster recognized Yoda’s presence, “Hubba Hubba”, it said. With his blood boiling from anger, Yoda replied coldly, “Eat my food, you have, perish now you must”, and the rest was history…

Master Yoda aka. Iceyfeet… Or Iceyoda1224

That sums this story up, hope you have all enjoyed it! Make sure to comment down below. Lastly, make sure to check out the #game-centre & #events-information channels on our Discord Server every week for upcoming events and our daily schedule. Until then…

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