MEME MONDAY: Why is DrQueen beating us to death, and is that illegal?

What’s up friends? I strongly hope you are ready for this Meme Monday because this isn’t just your regular Meme Monday. This post will also be an investigation into a controversial topic that wasn’t controversial until I said it was. You see, our Ice DJ, DrQueen, has started beating our troops and staff to death, but is this legal? Should DrQueen be sent to the IW Prison for this? In this post, we’ll find the answer just to that question.


Now, personally, I think DrQueen should be sent to the IW Prison no matter what. Is this biased? No, it’s not. Either way, my amazing charisma and charm wouldn’t be enough evidence to send her to the IW Prison anyway. So, before I try to convince you to send her off let’s tell the story of this meme.

It was a stormy night, days before the Legends Cup. Troops were shivering and the Staff were literally about to freeze to death because they were so nervous for the upcoming battle. So, DrQueen hopped in to brighten everyone up and also to cause some trouble because that’s just what DrQueen does. “What did she do?” You might be asking. Well, it first started with a threat.

Yes, you heard it here. DrQueen threatened those who couldn’t attend with a hammer. At first, I was fine with this abuse to the members because everyone needed to attend, but what about after Legends Cup? Did the joke die out, or did it become something bigger?

It became something bigger

Suddenly, there are 108 messages (and probably more) threatening to beat people to death. This is all because of DrQueen. It wasn’t just about Legends Cup anymore, no.. no. It was a cult. DrQueen made a cult of violent penguins that want to beat other penguins to death! Club Penguin, but instead it’s a literal club.

A reference of a club, in case you didn’t know what it was.

Now, I didn’t know if anybody else would have any opinions on this so I decided to interview 5 people and ask if they think DrQueen should be sent to the IW Prison or not.

Do you think DrQueen beating people to death is illegal? Do you think she should be sent to the IW Prison for this violent penguin action?

Penguin: DrQueen beating people to death is not illegal because her reasons are valid. Like I totally understand beating someone to death because of not attending an IW event. Therefore, she shouldn’t be sent to IW prison :tl1Heart_Pink:

Woofy: I do because I didn’t know it was actually a penguin doing this I thought it was a human

Roman: yes I think she should be sent to jail immediately, 100% an illegal thing to do. Don’t let her have any potatoes also:CS_officercrisy:

PickleQueen: HMM, I’d say yes and no, For the “illegal” part. I’d say obviously it isn’t illegal bc like how would beating someone to death be a crime if it seems people like getting beat to death by DrQueen. But for the IW Prison, I’d say obviously yes!!!! I have no actual answer to why she should be sent to IW Prison, but yk it makes sense bc DrQueen is SUS.

Et3rnal_Vo1d: Although DrQueen’s actions are very questionable, sometimes her actions are justified. For example, she once beat people to death that had left the Ice Warriors. If I were in her position, I would do the same thing. It’s just common sense! However, under other circumstances, beating penguins to death may be viewed as inhumane, which I also agree with. When it comes to sending DrQueen to the IW Prison, if she were to be found guilty in Penguin Court, then I’d say that a fair sentence would be 2-3 years isolated on the Iceberg. Personally, I don’t believe she should be sent to prison solely because she’s a leader and she will come after me next :doggyrun:

So, I guess that’s our answer. Three people out of the five that were questioned said she should go to IW Prison, so this investigation is over and I will report this to the Penguin Police immediately. However, what’s DrQueen’s opinion on this?

Chevy: Hey DrQueen, I just made an entire post about sending you to IW Prison for beating people to death. How do you feel about this?

DrQueen: This is cap, Abi will break me out of prison regardless, im angy :tlAngyDog: as a result, I will beat more people 2 death in IW prison until Abi helps me escape

If I disappear tomorrow morning I was probably beaten to death.

Thank you all for reading this post! If you would like to join the #DRQUEEN4IWPRISON cause, just donate to the Ice Warriors Patreon. This donation won’t only help this imaginary cause, but also the Ice Warriors server as a whole. Click here to donate! Make sure to look out for our future events, and never forget…

Ice Warriors Forever!

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  2. I’m freeing drq sorry not sorry

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  3. Send Drq to IW prison :< :e9:

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