Q&A – Beaten to death by DrQueen, find out which staff is suffering the most

Hewwo Ice Warriors

You’ve probably heard about this one famous meme in main chat during Legends Cup where staff and troops were getting beaten to death. But have you ever asked yourself which staff member is getting more beaten to death by DrQueen? Find out more down below!!

What do you think about IW Olympics, do you like it so far?

Woofy: I like it so far

IceyAvocados: So far, I am very excited for the IW Olympics!! I loved how each team is able to make their own emojis and colors, it feels very personalized and I like that. I’m in process of downloading the new cp and I’ll start training for my team, just like Delighted, Mysterious, Nik, and Mogi! Pro Kings FTW! Hehe, I’m excited, as you can tell.

Angel64: I love the IW Olympics, brings so many troops and staff closer, and being able to do teamwork with each other is so cool in my opinion:) this experience is also a super good practice for us staffs to understand and see from the people’s point of views, and being there competing with them is just absolutely amazing I love this idea. It’s so fun, you get to spend time with your friends too AND you get to maybe make new ones along the way:) It’s going to be an epic Olympics this year I believe that! May the best team win, gl!

Which staff is getting more beaten to death by DrQueen and why?

Levelz: Penguin because of all of her trolling :nrdDrQueen:

Gavin: I haven’t had a clue for turbo, but for myself, Its because I am her best friend and I love to annoy her so she in return beats me to death. I have plenty of battle scars trust me lmfao

Penguin: Chevy is 100% getting beaten to death by DrQueen the most in IW. There are so many reasons but I can’t include them all. Firstly, she’s IW’s biggest dork and noob. Chevy struggles in the field of spelling and grammar. Secondly, Chevy smells super bad and that’s probably why IW smells like fish. Lastly, Chevy has a bad sleep schedule. When I leave for school she still hasn’t gone to bed.

K!!!: Lately only like 2-3 cuz I get busy with studies

Fried Pickles: Hm, lol it usually says I’m online a lot of the time bc I leave the app open. But I usually spend around 3-5 hours each day, to be fair I actually have no reason other than doing stuff IW-related. This actually sounds like a lie based on how active I am but most of the time I’m lurking. When I’m on discord and not doing something IW-related I’m most likely talking to random people for absolutely no reason.


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