Trivia Thursday #30

Hey Ice Warriors!

First of all, I hope you guys have all had an awesome week so far! As we are finally approaching the end of August and with many of you going back to school, I’d like to welcome you guys to the 30th edition of our Trivia Thursday! I’d like to congratulate PranChevy, and Cloudy for being the first three to correctly answer all five questions from last week’s post. I also want to give a massive shoutout to everyone else that took part in answering our trivia posts! We always appreciate your participation. Now before we give you guys the new questions, let’s dive right into the answers for last week’s Trivia Thursday!

1) Maya was promoted to Trusted Staff last week.

2) True: IW did max over 70+ in their Legends Cup XI Semi-Finals battle against Help Force.

3) Spirit Week Champion

4) Snow (that is 100%, not me)

5) JustAsh was the lucky winner of the recent Graphics Tournament!

For those who have not participated in our Trivia Thursdays before, here’s a brief summary of how it all works! Every Thursday, there will be a post where around 5-6 questions will be given out. If you wish to participate, make sure to leave your answers down in the comments section below this post. The first three people to successfully answer all of these questions will both receive Snowflakes and be featured in the next Trivia Thursday post! If you’re not familiar with Snowflakes, they are essentially a currency that can be used to buy a range of cool roles on the IW Discord, which you can look at in the #shop channel! For each Trivia Thursday, there will often be a variety of questions to answer, including true or false, filling in the gap and multiple choice! Now that I’ve finished rambling on, I hope that you guys will enjoy this week’s six questions!

1) Name two Staff Members that were recently promoted within the past week.

2) True or False: Recently retired leader, Erick09 is currently an IW Champion.

3) Which role on the IW Discord shop is worth 100K snowflakes?

4) Which of these lands/servers do the Ice Warriors NOT currently own?

A) Klondike    B) Sub Zero    C) Ice Box    D)  Matterhorn

5) Fill in the gap: ____ this yall.

6) Name a previous IW leader that has led both in the pre-CPPS era (2007-2017) and the CPPS era (2019 onwards).


Do you guys think you’re able to answer all of these questions correctly? If so, don’t forget to put your answers down in the comments section below! Once again, I’d like to remind you guys that only the first THREE people to get all of these questions right will win Snowflakes and be featured in next week’s post. So make sure not to take too long!

Lastly, remember to stay on the lookout for any events information posted on the IW Olympics event (#olympics)! I hope you guys loved this week’s questions and enjoy the rest of your week!

Ice Warriors Forever!

3 Responses

  1. 1: Turbo and Et3rnal_Void
    2: False
    3: idk
    4: Ice Box
    5: star
    6: idk


  2. 1. Purple & Penguin
    2. Flase
    3. Icey’s Apprentice
    4. C) Ice box
    5. star this yall xd xd
    6. Regan?


  3. 1) turbo and angel
    2) false
    3) icey’s apprentice
    4) c) ice box
    5) star this y’all xd xd
    6) i don’t know :c


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