Troop/Staff of the Week: August 23rd 2021

Subzero, IWNC HQ- As someone who has been Staff of the Week three times during my time in IW, it’s something earned, not given. What must we do to obtain the prestigious troop/staff/recruiter of the week award? Simple! We encourage recruiting, being active in our main chat, and most importantly, attending our CPR events! As the end of August approaches, we continue to grind in IW despite no big tournament. Who has constantly been working hard for IW? Read down below to find this week’s troop/staff/recruiter of the week.

The troop of the Week: Via

Recruiter of the Week: Welcome_Potato

Staff Members of the Week: Penguin & Steph 

This week’s Troop of the Week goes out to V, aka Via! Via again continues to impress us with her constant activity on the server! She was crowned as our recruiter of the week and still works hard to recruit and attend 4+ events last week! The grind doesn’t stop for Via, which the IW team appreciates. Keep on working hard!

The Crown will be passed on to Welcome_Potato for being this week’s recruiter of the week! Last week, He brought in a total of 10 troops in Ice Warriors so far! The amazing Welcome_Potato just got promoted to Colonel last Saturday! We love Welcome Potato as he is always in main chat interacting and even sending many memes…. next meme king, maybe?!?!?

This week’s Staff members of the week go out to IW’s two biggest noobs: Penguin & Steph. Both Penguin and Steph were two hardworking staff members during the Legends cup! They spent endless time dming troops to help them log on for Legends cup, and the infinite hype from these two ladies was -chief kiss-. Penguin has continued to work hard in IWNC, writing excellent articles for the department and welcoming many troops in IW with her welcoming personality. Steph continues to dominate the gaming division. She is always on top and very organized in making sure games are planned for the IW troops in different time zones! Thank you, Both Steph and Penguin, for being a big help in IW. We are thankful for yall! 

Congrats to everyone who got selected this week! Want to be chosen for next week? Attend as many CPR events as you can, recruit new members in IW, and interact in our main chat!! Until then,

Live life from one high to another 

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  1. Congratss! *claps*




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