Meme Monday: Got Kicked During Legends Cup?!

Good day to you all Ice Warriors!

Hoping everyone is having a good start to a new week and a new day for all of us! As you may all know every Monday, we have a weekly article called Meme Monday! I will be reviewing some of the memes that you guys posted and shared in #iw-memes, and it maybe could help you catch up on what’s going on in the main chat and events in IW. I’ll also be questioning the owners of those memes to have more depth on what does the picture meant. So… let’s jump right in and have some Meme :clap: Review :clap:

For our first review, we are going to have a meme from our Staff, Penguin, as you may all know last week, we had a Legends Cup tournament battling between the Help Force. But during the last room, we were kicked from the server and need to move to another one.

Cloudy: So Penguin, can explain further what happened during the time on Legends Cup where we got kicked out from the server?

Penguin: Yeah! So basically this was the original room 3, and we were winning (in my opinion) The CPR Admins stated that armies couldn’t battle on servers that were more than 2 bars. Due to our very large size, :iwsalute: we got the server up to 4 bars. This caused the CPR mods to kick all of us out during the third room at the last minute. It definitely angered us because we knew we were winning the last room.

Next up will be a meme from our Staff, ReddyRed, from what you can see, looks like everyone is heading to the main chat but not the lyrics channel. Wonder why’s that?

Cloudy: Hey Reddy, from this meme why is everyone is heading to the main chat instead of the lyrics channel? What happened?

ReddyRed: All started with jean and their spamming lyrics in main :OOP: the lyrics channel is pretty much dead and most people write their lyrics in main (which they shouldn’t!!!!)

Halfway on our meme review, we’re having a meme from our Staff, Delighted. Us waiting for a good enough challenger? :Hmm:

Cloudy: So Delighted, what do YOU think is a good challenger for IW?

Delighted: I don’t know, that’s why I’m waiting.

Cloudy: But, what do you expect the challenger will look like?

Delighted: Obviously a strong one, maybe some army that actually has good jokes and a strong and stable community.

The last one on our list for this article is a meme from our Staff in Training, Piya. Josh spamming in IW?

Cloudy: Did Josh actually spammed yui hug Erza in the bot commands or it’ll happen someday?

Piya: He did, he did I have proofs

Piya: You see that it’s all from him spamming. More proof I can give! And in the future too he’s surely going to spam

Cloudy: If you only can choose only ONE, which one would you press?

Josh: Being completely serious here, I would choose “No Spam in IW Server” given how that’s just a common rule for a lot of discord servers. The yui hug command can always come at a later time (especially for Erza). Side note: Piya, how dare you for calling me out like this lol

Well, that is it everyone for this week’s Meme Monday, what an unexpected twist on the last one :skull:. If you want to be featured on next week’s Meme Monday you can upload your funniest-IW-related memes on #iw-memes. And, last but not least, don’t forget to react and attend to the recent #events-information coming up! Peace out!

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