Troop & Staff of the Week: August, 16th 2021

Subzero, IWNC HQ – Finally, we are back with Staff/Troop of the week articles!! Despite Ice Warriors not moving on to the finals of the Legends cup, we will always want to remain strong and place #1 on the top 10 columns in CPAN. Because we didn’t make it to the finals doesn’t mean we stop grinding. This week’s troop, recruiter, and staff of the week go to the people who continued to work hard after the cup.

The troop of the Week: Cat

Recruiter of the Week: Via

Staff Members of the Week: Levelz & qt Ben

Cat has been one of our most active troops this past coming week. Baby Yoda is always in the main chat interacting with our troops and staff members with her welcoming personality. Cat attended almost all CPR events last week and is always excited for events and what’s next to come! Congrats on the troop of the week! Well deserved! 

This week’s recruiter of the week goes out to Via! Not only that, she attended many CPR events last week and constantly interacted in our main chat, but she also brought in 17 recruits into Ice Warriors last week! Via you have been such a massive help in Ice Warriors, you are a superstar! Hope to see you on the staff team one day!

Last but not least, we have our staff members of the week, Levelz and qt Ben! These two 2ic’s have worked their butts off during the period of legends cup and even the weekend after the legends cup! Levelz continues to work hard as one of the Heads of IWRR, managing many troops to grow our server, and qt Ben has been working hard to bring IW a massive event that will be happening next week! These dedicated people work tirelessly recruiting and welcoming and have been a significant help to the admin team! Congrats to you both!

Congrats to everyone who got selected this week! Want to be chosen for next week? Attend as many CPR events as you can, recruit new members in IW, and interact in our main chat!! Until then,

Live life from one high to another :tl1Heart_Pink:

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  1. uwu owo :3 ty


  2. Congrats *claps*


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