Worst month of the year so far? Q&A

Why hello there Ice Warriors,

Tough month eh? As we started the month of August, there have been quite a few downsides events regarding the Ice Warriors Army community. To name a few, our recent loss against Help Force in the Semifinals of the biggest tournament of the year, The Legends Cup. Also, the recent retirement of our very dear leader, Erick09, which has brought many tears amongst all of us.

We can’t forget the fact that most of us start College/School classes once again, which can be a real pain in the behind. But has this month been as bad as it may sound? Let us not forget that it has come with its pros too, one of them being the recent promotion to Leader in training to the all so loved Ice Mother, Crisy! A huge congratulations to this hardworking, amazing person.

As of today’s Q&A, we will be asking around the Ice Warriors server, their opinions and says on the matter. As a little bonus, and to lift off the mood, we will also be asking troops what they’re grateful for in the Ice Warriors Community. Although we are a bit early to the trend, it’s never too early to express how grateful we are. Without further ado, let’s get those questions answered…

How do you feel about Erick’s Retirement?

Bamford: tbh very sad ;-; he was a nice lad, cant see in events nowadays… 

Mogi4: 😮 I feel sad that hes leaving, but at lest he is happy with his decision. He is going to have a great time and I understand him. Its very tiring to be a leader and I cant imagine how hard it is. And I cant wait to see who’s gonna be the new leader :O 😀

Pink: omg i felt so sad and i bet everyone else was as well he did so much in iw :((if he came back that would be REALLY great and i bet alot of people would be happy as well.

Thanks for your leadership Erick!

Thoughts on our recent match against HF on the LCXI?
Nik920: I think it was very close battle
Purple: I wasn’t at that battle but Ice Warriors did really good, and tbh I think we should’ve won if they didn’t got kicked from CPR:waaaaaaah:
And there we go! Did this Q&A bring up your mood? I sure hope it did. What was your favorite Question/Answer? What are somethings you are grateful for? If you feel like answering these two quietions, go ahead and leave your response on the Comment Section below this post! Remember to attend our upcoming events #events-information #ausia-events-information! Also, keep both eyes on #announcements. Keep on being awesome and chill.
Shinzou wo Sasageyo

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  1. Its alright, everyone has their ups and downs.. Even armies do!


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