Trivia Thursday #29

Good morning/afternoon/evening Ice Warriors!!

Hopefully, your day has been going relatively well at the very least. I would like to welcome you to the 29th edition of IW’s Trivia Thursday. Before we get any further, there’s a small twist this time around. I’m giving 4 shoutouts instead of the usual 3, and here’s why. I would like to congratulate Et3rnal and Mogi4 for getting all of last weeks’ questions correct. I’m also giving shoutouts to TheNathanBoy and ReddyRed who had gotten only 1 question wrong, which I’ll explain down below with the answers for Trivia Thursday #28:

1. 2020

2. 50 star reacts

3. 25 lands

4. True (yes, IceQueen was in fact once an SiT)

5. C (5)

To those who are not fully aware of how Trivia Thursday works, I’ll briefly explain. Each Thursday, there will be a post where 5-6 questions are given out, and the first 3 people to answer all questions correctly receive snowflakes ❄️ and get featured in the next Trivia Thursday.

Question types you see will vary greatly, and correct answers get posted for the next Trivia Thursday. Now that I’ve explained, here are your questions for this week:

1. Who had recently earned a big promotion to Trusted Staff?

2. True or False: IW had reached 70+ online in LCXI Semis

3. The winning Spirit Week Team earned the ____________________ medal.

4. Name 1 current Staff with the CP Army Veteran role.

5. Who of these 4 was announced as the champion for the GFX Contest?
A. Steph      B. BEN      C. JustAsh      D. Shinde

Do you perhaps know all of the answers? If so, drop a comment down below with your answers for the chance to be featured next week. Do remember that you need to be among the first 3 to answer all questions correctly to be featured and receive some snowflakes❄️.

Good luck to all of you that will participate in this edition of Trivia Thursday. Remember to be on the lookout for future events via #ausia-events-information and #events-information, and I’ll see you next time!

Ice Warriors Forever!!

4 Responses

  1. 1) Maya
    2) True
    3) ✨Spirit Week Champion ✨
    4) Snow (SnowThe2nd)
    5) C. JustAsh


  2. 1.) maya
    2.) True
    3.) ⭐ Spirit Week Champion ⭐
    4.) Snow
    5.) JustAsh


  3. 1. Maya
    2. True
    3. Spirit Week Champion
    4. Snow
    5. C) JustAsh


  4. 1: Maya
    2: True
    3: Sprit Week Champion
    4: Snow
    5: JustAsh (CONGRATS!!!)

    ooo wow good questions!!!


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