Fan Art Friday #35

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying the summer! Let me tell you, here in England, it’s been raining almost half of the time! Anyway, enough talk about the weather, it’s nearly the end of the week! And I’m pretty sure you already know what that means.. that’s right! It’s time for another weekly edition of.. Fan Art Friday!! Now let’s get straight into the amazing stuff you’ve been producing over the course of this week!

First off, we have a lovely drawing made by our Corporal, Charizard553

Don’t you think this little demon is the cutest? :3

DelightedGOYAL: As you can see, this picture is about a little lava demon named Magma, and it is basically everything FIRE!! He breathes fire, he makes fireballs and there’s literally lava inside of him!! That’s super cool, anyways, does Magma have any friends? Is there like some sort of duo or trio action? Or is Magma just a solo type of dragon?

Charizard553: I’ve been thinking of designing some more friends for him but I am not sure yet. But he does already have some friends including Sky (my personal animal character) and all of my other gang of original characters!

DelightedGOYAL: Very interesting! Look forward to meeting the whole gang soon!

Next up, we have a GIF made from the one and only kozs2000 who is also a Staff in Training!

DelightedGOYAL: Heyy kozs! I love your gif! What is it about?

Kozs2000: Well it’s a duel between you and a penguin! I made it because I remembered a game I used to play on my gameboy called Cowboy Duels so I decided to make this!

After that, we have an amazing artwork produced by our Head Colonel, kaiiiii!

I wonder who all those mysterious people are?

DelightedGOYAL: Heyo Kai! How nice of you to dedicate your time to making artwork for our newest 3ic Maya! There’s one thing I’ve been dying to know though, are you going to color this or is it going to stay the way it is?

kaiiiii: Thanks a lot Delighted! This is probably going to stay the way it is for now :))

And last, but definitely not least, we have a jaw-dropping piece of artwork made by the legendary minidynamo [chleb].

I have no words…

DelightedGOYAL: Holy macaroni minidynamo this artwork of Billie Eilish looks so realistic! I can just imagine the time and effort it took to make this! So, could you tell me how long it took you to make this stupendous drawing?

minidynamo: Soo, it took me abouttt 3 weeks-


minidynamo: And I spent 8 hours a day making it.

DelightedGOYAL: Ohhhh yeah that makes way more sense! Silly me.

Alrighty everyone! That is the end of this week’s Fan Art Friday! Hope to see all of your amazing artwork in the upcoming editions. But before we go, the IW Olympics are starting very very soon.. Team up with up to 5 people and try to take home the gold medal! I want to see all of you attending! More info is in the #olympics channel. Finally, make sure to react in #ausia-events-information and #events-information for some snowflakes and promo points for a chance to get promoted in our #promo-party! Until then,

Good luck everyone on the Olympics!

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