Sunday Funday #5

What’s up Ice Warriors? IWNC has heard you and came back with another Sunday Funday! Don’t know what Sunday Funday is? Well, it’s basically like the fun games column of the newspaper! This post will have 4 really fun games where you can compete for snowflakes! If you finish a game, send your answers to Chevy#0413, .penguin#7613, or TheNathanBoy#1234 to get your snowflakes. Now, enough waiting, let’s get into the games!

First off, we have a spot the difference based on an image of IW crushing ACP in the March Madness finals. There are six oddities between the two images, they could be added symbols, missing penguins, or more! Can you find them all?

Click to enlarge

Next up, we have a crossword! There are a total of 11 words that you need to find with the clues given. Once you find all of them, you win! Almost all answers can be found in either the IW discord server, on CPR, or just might be common knowledge! 

Click to enlarge

For our third game, we have a word scramble! Below are two scrambled phrases that you need to find the answer to, can you do it? Let’s see!

Lastly, we have another edition of Where’s Waldo, but staff! Can you find the requested staff member in each photo? Good luck!

Can you find Lemonade (CPR name: lemonade1s) in this picture?

Can you spot our Staff in Training, Ash (CPR username: JustAshley) in this photo?

Try to look for Noobtina (CPR Username: grootsatree) in this image!

Did you have fun completing the puzzles? Well, remember to send a screenshot of your answers to Chevy#0413, .penguin#7613, or TheNathanBoy#1234 to receive some snowflakes! You can spend them on cool roles in the #shop, or save them and try to climb the leaderboard! Anyway, that’s all for our Sunday Funday puzzles, but do not fear, it will return soon. For the time being, just remember…

Don’t Freeze Up!    


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