Events Recap: August 8th – 14th

Hey Ice Warrior Family!

We have an eventful week behind us, what events did you guys attend? Let us know in the comments below! If you missed any, here’s this week’s recap of events!

NOTE: Due to Legends Cup, our uniform this week was a mix of blue/white penguin color.

[EU/US] LCXI Semi-Finals

Max: 82

78 troops

+1 lockout

+3 confused troops

[EU/US] Ice Fishing

Max: 44

[AUSIA] Staff-led Battle Training

Max: 29

[EU/US] Divisional PB against Water Vikings

Max: 26

[EU/US] Racing Event

Max: 35

Giuggo in black is a confirmed IW troop

[AUSIA] Troop U-Lead

Max: 37

[EU/US] Erick’s Retirement

Max: 69

Which event was your favourite? I think mine was Erick’s retirement… The Ice Warriors will miss you Erick! ❤


One Response

  1. I Vc Lead on Troop U lead 😀


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