Fan Art Friday #34

Welcome back to another IWNC article, Ice Warriors! Hopefully, you’re all well rested after Legend’s Cup. Although the outcome wasn’t exactly what we were aiming for, everyone did an outstanding job nonetheless. We’re glad you guys stuck with us to the end, especially considering the unanticipated inconveniences with the third room. But enough of that, let’s move on to today’s 34th edition of Fan Art Friday! Can you believe we’ve continued this series for thirty-four weeks already? Neither can I! Anyhow, let’s get straight into the article!

The first piece I’d like to show off is a charming little duck created by Emily! This picture got lots of love in the #fan-art channel, shown by all the reactions! Go take a look for yourself!

Et3rnal: This little ducky you made is really cute! Although it is very simplistic, I love the style and the pastel-like shades of yellow and orange! What program did you use to make this, and does this adorable ducky have a name?

Emily: It does not officially have a name, but I guess I could call it Duckie. To make this I used IbisPaint, and Pinterest for the background 🙂

Next up, we’ve got an exquisite drawing of what seems to be Purple, our 3rd in Command. This drawing was made by one of our Trusted Staff, Chevy. Let’s see what she has to say about her illustration!

Et3rnal: This truly wonderful creation you have made is very stunning. From the perfectly made lines to the extremely well-executed calligraphy, this inspiring image flows with imagination. The smile captures the beauty of human beings, while the body is a mirror image of our world today. I could stare at this work of art for hours on end, my eyes gliding across the canvas. My only question is… what does this mean? What does this image behold from your perspective?

Chevy: This art piece could honestly mean a lot of different things. For me personally, when I see it I see all of the anger and frustration I had at the time. When I was making this, I was very frustrated because Purple kept calling me a dork. I took all of my anger and decided to put it to art, thus making this wonderful canvas that you see. I did not want it to be your everyday piece, so I misspelled a few words to make it… idk… abstract? This canvas took me hours upon hours to make, and I really love the outcome. The squiggly lines, big head, and slight smile give it a personality as well which I loved most about this. So, to answer your question, this art piece is basically calling my dear friend Purple a dork.

Et3rnal: Wow, that is such an inspiring message, especially for the artist community. :tearcry: I absolutely love this unique piece and hope to see more work like this from you in the future.

Chevy: Thank you! :iwheart: 

Please don’t take that last one too seriously, it was included for the laughs. Anyway, let’s get back to showing off some more artwork! Next up, we have a galaxy-themed piece made by Pringles!

Et3rnal: Wow. This drawing you made is very interesting. The figure shown is very mysterious, hidden by the galaxy of planets and stars. I’ve always been interested in astronomy and what goes on outside of our universe, so I appreciate that you included this. I’d like to ask, what message were you intending to portray through this artwork? Was there anything in particular that inspired you to create this?

Pringles: Well, I always draw something that comes up in my mind first. Then, I try to incorporate other aspects of life if possible. The original drawing was actually a gift from my sister, who is an artist. I wanted to add planets to her drawing because her favorite subject is science, and she enjoys studying planets.

Lastly, I’d like to display a beautiful digital collage made by cupid, a Private First Class! I went into an in-depth interview to discover how this artwork was made!

Et3rnal: Hi Cupid! I saw this collage you posted in the #fan-art channel, and I really love how unique it is! The different fonts, newspaper segments, flowers, and background really help to bring it together. The two hands in the bottom left also bring a very nice touch! (see what I did there?) Overall, I appreciate this entire piece because it is so calming to look at, and I haven’t seen anything like this in a good while. Anyway, I was wondering how you created this! What program did you use, and how long did this take you to complete? Would you recommend the same program to others, and if so, for what reason?

Cupid: I actually used Picsart to make this. It didn’t take much time to make, since Picsart has a built-in “Stickers” feature where you can use the stickers based on your choice. If I had to give a certain time out, I’d say half an hour to 1 hour (for someone who knows how to use Picsart and knows which stickers they want). For others who might not know how to use the software, it’ll take some time, but not much. The background for this picture was a picture I found on Pinterest, but the rest of the elements were all from Picsart. I definitely would recommend Picsart for others since it’s really easy to use once you get the hang of it, and it’s an incredible software that you can do a lot with it once you’re comfortable with it! For me, I only make photo edits with Picsart since I usually use my laptop, but for phone users, I think they can do much more than just adding stickers! I haven’t tried yet, but I’d encourage the phone users to go ahead and watch some Youtube videos if they can and explore Picsart.

Et3rnal: Wow, that’s really interesting! I really love the theme and the sort of vibe your art gives off. Thanks for submitting your artwork, I hope to see more from you soon!

Cupid: Thank you so much and you’re welcome as well, I’ll be sure to post anything I make!

Well, that’s going to wrap up this week’s edition of Fan Art Friday! If you’re wondering how you can have a chance of your own artwork being featured on our website, all you have to do is post your artwork in our #fan-art channel! While you’re at it, please go ahead and react to the message in #ericks-retirement. Our great Leader, Erick, will be retiring tomorrow and we would like to wish him a farewell, so it will be very appreciated if you all attend. There will be many rewards for attending, including a limited-time medal and a nitro giveaway. Thank you for reading this article, and remember…

Never Freeze Up!

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  1. LOLL that purple drawing is so good wow chevy you did an awesome job you should sell it for 1M cause I mean, who doesnt relate to the picture…


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