Q&A: Sibling Rivalry

Good day Ice Warriors!

Boy oh boy, siblings. I don’t know about you all, but siblings can be quite a handful sometimes! Especially when they declare war on each other! What do I mean by this? Keep reading to find out!

The DrQueen army has been known to be in battle with the Elsa Warriors for some time now, causing chaos for the server, and meme ideas for IW’s meme-makers. But while they are busy chucking potatoes at each other, I asked our troops what their thoughts on our game events were!

What are your favorite game events in IW, and why?

Girofighter: Its the CPR events, cause CPR game events are just amazing. I think it’s filled up with so much fun and I like the idea behind it, two armies battling each other for different purposes.

Tristan!: Kahoot bc I am always winner.

K!!!: Prolly Skribbl because it tests your deduction skills as well as ur artistic ability.

Now for the war! The infamous leader of the DrQueen army, DrQueen is known to be a massive fan of potatoes and it’s only reasonable that they are what her army is all about. Let’s have a look and see who agrees that she is indeed a potato herself.

Do you think that DrQueen is truly a potato?

Purple: Yes of course, DrQueen is a real potato. :nrdDrQueen~1:

Expiredmilk: Yes for sure spud 100%.

Melonz: Is dr queen a real potato? no, dr queen uses potatoes as her defence and I don’t think she would eat her family, or would she?????


Melonz eats watermelons. Does this mean DrQueen can eat potatoes??


Next, the most popular question lies ahead. Is IceQueen actually the real Elsa? This has been asked many times in the IW community, with varying answers. Let’s see what these select few have to say!

Is IceQueen the real Elsa?

Onyx: Oh fs she is the real Elsa, she is the realist really real elsa that I definitely believe is Elsa.

Purple: IceQueen is definitely the fake Elsa. :noelsa: 

Swirl: No she is not the real Elsa, she is an imposter. Even her name Icequeen doesn’t make sense because Elsa gave up the throne to Anna. :Approve:

But this isn’t enough. We need to know who’s gonna win the war! We couldn’t just go by popular vote, because it could be biased. We had to turn to our old friend, science.

Raw potatoes do not fare well against cold, causing them to lose their flavor. Ooh, cold, IceQueen’s specialty. Does this mean IceQueen will win the war? No. While potatoes do not fare well against the freezer, there are precautions that can be taken to prevent this, such as cooking your potatoes before freezing them. But what can the potatoes do? Well, if a potato is hurled at an icicle at more than 10 miles per hour, the icicle will snap in half, depending on where you hit, and the size of the icicle. So does that mean that potatoes can ruin ice, and ice can ruin potatoes? Yes. This war will result in an immediate checkmate, with no clear winner. What does this mean for the war? An automatic victory for Iceyfeet1234!



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