Trivia Thursday #33

Hey Ice Warriors!

First of all, I hope you guys have all been having an amazing September so far. With so many awesome things that have recently happened within the IW community, I’d like you guys to sit back and relax as I welcome you back to the 33rd edition of Trivia Thursday. Before we dive into the questions, it’s time to give the answers to last week’s post. Whilst no one managed to answer all six questions correctly, that’s not going to stop us from congratulating Hiro, Hana and Rach for being the first three to get almost all of the trivia answers right! I would also like to give a massive shoutout to anyone else that participates in our trivia posts. So without further ado, here are the answers from last week’s Trivia Thursday article.

1. Answers may vary but need 2 of the following: Isa cake, Nanna the gamer, Yoni773, Suation

2. Thermal

3. Sour

4. Sandwich

5. Crisy

6. Subster

For those that may be new or haven’t played Trivia Thursday in a while, let me briefly summarize how the rules work. In these articles, there will always be 5+ different types of questions, ranging from regular ones, multiple-choice, true or false, filling in the gap, and more! If you want to participate, make sure to comment your answers down below in the comments section. The first three people to correctly answer all of the questions will win Snowflakes on the IW Discord, which can be used to buy some cool roles on the #shop channel. The winners will also be featured on the following Trivia Thursday post! I’d also to clarify that all of the answers to our Trivia Thursdays can be found if you have a look around on the IW website or discord. Enough said, let’s get right into the six questions for this week!

1) Who was the 6th leader in IW’s entire history?

2) True or False: Recently promoted LIT Kristina is infamous for being the ‘Staff in Toilet’.

3) Name two people that are currently ranked Head Generals in IW.

4) Fill in the gap: HCOM member Josh was recently promoted to _________ .

5) Which one of these current IW leaders have been leading the longest? (other than Icey)

A) IceQueen  B) DrQueen  C) Kally  D) LawCorazon.

6)  Which IW server/land also coincidentally shares the same name as one of our Staff members.

That wraps up this week’s Trivia Thursday peeps! Do you guys think you can handle all of these questions? If so, remember to put your answers down in the comments section! I also want to remind you again that only the first three people to successfully answer all of these questions will receive Snowflakes and be featured on next week’s post. I wish everyone participating the best of luck and as always, enjoy the rest of your week Ice Warriors!

Ice Warriors Forever!


3 Responses

  1. 1) idk :sob:
    2) very false
    3) livia and lxvi
    4) 2nd in command
    5) lawsagne, i mean, law hehe
    6) cloudy


  2. 1. Kingfunks4
    2. False
    3. Livia & Timothy
    4. 2nd in command
    5. D) Law!
    6. Me (cloudy lol)


  3. 1. idk
    2. false
    3. Mogi4, Timothy.
    4. 2nd in command
    5. law
    6. idk


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