Q&A: IW’s Biggest Troll

Hello Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a fantastic Wednesday. Get some fresh air, enjoy the weather, and relax. In today’s article, I’ll be wandering into the depths of the troll community, and finding out who the biggest clown in IW is and we’ll have a touch of positivity at the end. Now if you’re ready, let’s go!

I went around the Ice Warriors’ community and asked some staff members about their opinion on the biggest troll in IW. Although there were a variety of answers, there were definitely a few standouts throughout the responses.

Who’s the biggest troll in IW?

Purple: We have so many trolls in IW, but the biggest trolls are probably Onyx or Levelz :nrdDrQueen~1:

Kristina: the biggest troll in IW is DEFINITELY Levelz like this woman ghost pings, says np when people say ty to someone else… and she stole all my bees in bee swarm sim. literally such a TROLL.

Angel: P E N G U I N. To summarize, Penguin with a dot in the front. 

IceQueen: That very question is being asked by a troll. SEND HELP. Penguin & Levelz, the IW VC Troll Duo are the biggest trolls to grace the land known as Ice Warriors. I wonder who’ll come next to knock them of that title. :waiting:

This is no tight race, but in fact a walk off win. I asked IW’s biggest troll, Levelz, to explain her thoughts on this extraordinary award. 

Penguin: What are your thoughts on being the biggest troll in IW?

Levelz: I think it’s pretty funny honestly :p I just like to be random sometimes and do dumb stuff for fun and people see and follow and it’s so funny to me I love it :weariest~2: Being the biggest troll in IW though? I dunno, I can think of a couple other people who might be bigger trolls than me :nyanhehe:. But it’s kinda cool to me that people think that :3 it’s kinda silly to be known as a troll lol but I’m having fun so that’s all that matters to me :3

Although joking around is fun and getting a laugh is great, we all appreciate small moments of kindness and relaxation in our lives. I then asked a few warriors on who the least likely to be a clown is.

Who’s the most wholesome and least likely to troll in IW?

Chevy: The most least likely to troll is definitely me because of how sweet I am. For example, this troll penguin dm’d me and asked me a IWNC question, and me being the sweetest person alive, obviously agreed to answer. I am also wholesome because I have small ego and I use emotes like 😘 🙁😔 Dodo on Google Android 12.0and more!

Josh: Oh that’s hard since IW is filled to the brim with trolls, but if I had to choose one person, I think it would be Luna simply because she’s without a doubt one of the sweetest people you’d ever meet.

Cloudy: :Hmm~2: Probably Kristina, very friendly and welcoming on main-chat and such, also I don’t remember her trolling 🧐 , she’s too nice y’all XD XD.

Frickle: Oh when you first asked, I automatically Thought IceQueen, XD But If i actually think about it i feel like Josh is definitely the most wholesome and I’ve also never seen him troll before lolol.

As we are getting back into the gist of things like school and work, it’s important to have a healthy mindset and be positive! Your mental health and wellbeing always come first.

Why do you think it’s important to be positive in day to day activties?

K!!!: Being optimistic is key in motivating you to do said activities and it’s healthy to have a positive view in the things you do.

Kim: Well being positive helps with your own well being along with others well beings as well. When you yourself are positive, it can give other people the want to be positive which would be good for them, since being negative is not good for ones health 😀

Mae: It’s important to be positive because you can impact someone’s day more than you think you do. So bringing in a positive energy can make someone else’s day better. Although sometimes it’s ok to not be positive, everyone has those days. Cheery music and self care helps me become more positive on those days so I can make sure I am putting my best foot forward. 

Alright Ice Warriors. That’ll do it for this week’s edition of Q&A. If you haven’t already, make sure to react in #events-information to find more details for upcoming events! If you want to see more of this clownery and trolling, come join us in #main-chat and hangout. Nobody bites except for Law and we’ll have a great time. Other than that, have an amazing day, think positively, and most importantly…

Don’t Freeze Up! 

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  1. Me sad
    you asked me question then didn’t put it in 😡
    tbf i did say you were the biggest troll


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