Troop/Staff/Recruiter of the Week: September 20th, 2021

Hi Ice Warriors Family! Can you believe we’re almost at the end of September? Ice Warriors have managed to stay strong throughout this month. We have seen some size drops, however, we have troops and staff who have worked very hard to make sure that Ice Warriors remain successful. It is time to announce our Troop, Staff, and Recruiter of the Week!  Continue reading to find out who they are. :tlarCatCelebrate:

Troop of the Week: JJBoi & Corrupt Shadow

Recruiter of the Week: Vy

Staff of the Week: Hana & Silverboy

Troop of the Week:

JJBoi joined Ice Warriors recently and attended 4 events last week! This earned him a double promotion to Sergeant during the past Promotion Party. When JJBoi is found chatting in the main chat he is always very kind to others. Amazing Job, JJBoi. We can’t wait to see how far you go in your IW Journey!

Corrupt Shadow has been in the Ice Warriors for over half a year now. Recently he has been very active in the main chat. Interacting with others and always being kind. Corrupt Shadow also attended 2+ events over the past week. His dedication to Ice Warriors earned him a double promotion to Corporal First Class at the most recent Promotion Party! We can’t wait to what the future holds for you in IW.


Recruiter of the Week:

Vy joined Ice Warriors two months ago. She is a part of our AUSIA division. And has worked extremely hard to help IW grow. Vy has brought in over 100 new members to IW. Thank you for your dedication Vy we are so happy to have you here!


Staff Member of the Week:

Hana always tries her best to be kind to others. She had been working really hard welcoming new members into the server! She’s also been doing an amazing job at getting new members set up on Club Penguin Rewritten. We are so proud of the progress you have made Hana, keep up the good work!

Silverboy has shown an immense amount of dedication for IW this past week. He attends most of Ice Warriors events and helps hype the main chat before the events. We really appreciate you Silverboy, and we can’t wait to see you continue to grow in Ice Warriors!

Congratulations to these five amazing Ice Warriors! They have worked very hard and have shown a lot of dedication to IW. Make sure to congratulate all five of them in the main chat. If you wish to have a chance to be selected for next week’s article make sure to work hard, attend events, recruit, and interact in main. Leaders/Leaders in Training always notice hard work, never give up! Most importantly remember to always spread kindness and respect others. :swimiw::iw_scribble_heart:

:tl1SparklesBlue:Ice Family Forever!:tl1SparklesBlue:


Ice Warriors Leader in Training


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