Queen Wars: Army of DrQueen vs Elsa Warriors

Hello and good morning Ice Warriors!

What’s something we have that sets us apart from other armies? If you answered that the Ice Warriors have a fantastic queen duo with DrQueen and IceQueen, then you’d be correct. Undoubtedly, both are amazing figures in IW and having the duo as leaders is something we can all be thankful for.

However, DrQueen recently declared war against IceQueen, this was due to IceQueen being too much of a “LoudQueen”. Both had created armies within the Ice Warriors, one known as the Army of DrQueen and the other as the Elsa Warriors. Now the question arises, which is the superior army? To begin this argument, one of our staff members, Rach interviewed the two to determine what makes their army superior to the other.

Rach: What makes the Army of DrQueen superior to the Elsa Warriors?
DrQueenSimple, because 1. we are not Loud, and 2. promotion of the Anti-Elsa supremacy is what is going to keep IW #1 on Top Ten leaderboards in CPAN and promote world peace in the army community.

A Queen of Divine Royalty

Rach: How are the Elsa Warriors superior to the Army of DrQueen?
IceQueenElsa Warriors will always be better than the Army of DrQueen. They can throw as many potatoes and posers as they want, it will have no effect whatsoever. Within the Elsa Warriors lies the true Ice Spirit and with that we are unstoppable.

A Queen Capable of Setting Snowstorms

What do other people think about this though? To answer this, another member of our staff, Nathan, conducted a poll of 11 people and asked each of them about their thoughts. This is how the voting went.

Army of DrQueen5 votes

Elsa Warriors: 6 votes

So it seems like the Elsa Warriors have the upper hand here, but then again, Army of DrQueen can always pull through. Nonetheless, both armies are forces to be reckoned with and have an insane rivalry.

What do you think about this? Are you part of the Army of DrQueen, or are you Elsa Warriors all the way? Let us know which team you’re in and why you chose that team in the comments below! That’s about it for today’s post. Hope you all have an amazing day, keep waddling on!


6 Responses

  1. Elsa Warriors!


  2. Elsa Warriors!!!


  3. Elsa Warriors!!!


  4. Lmaoo this article is hilarious 🤣. Thank you Nathan, Rach, Josh and Purple for putting it together! Elsa Warriors forever and always >>>💙❄💙


  5. #ArmyOfDrQueenFTW
    ~ Sir Pranav of Trojans


  6. Elsa Warriors for life, potatos are disgusting


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