Sunday Funday #8

Good morning and bless you Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have a splendid start to your week. If you want to start off with a bang, I have just the right thing for you. Yes, it’s time I welcome you to the 8th edition of Sunday Funday!

Here is how Sunday Funday works: every week a new post will be published in which you can play fun (and sometimes challenging) games and earn snowflakes❄️. The games may vary wildly :awe:

Let’s move right along to the games, good luck!

First up on our list, we have a word search. There are 12 different words you can find here: as you can see down below, they’re based on territory that IW has control of. How fast can you find all territories?

Find the territories!

Second on the list, we have a word scramble. Here, we have 4 different sentences for things you may notice be said quite often in Ice Warriors. Unscramble each sentence to find out what they say.

Up next, we have a crossword puzzle. There are 10 different IW ranks that need to be discovered. Clues are given down below, let’s see how well you know them!

Finally, we have a cryptogram. Each letter in the alphabet corresponds to a random number, shown in the key. You need to decode the secret message using the given key! What does it reveal?

That’s it for this edition of Sunday Funday! I hope you all have a super fun time with this one. Do you think you can complete all of the games? If so, then be sure to DM a screenshot with your answers to me (josh⚡️#5667), and you may receive some snowflakes in your bank balance!

Until next Sunday Ice Warriors

Don’t Freeze Up

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