Q&A: More Varieties in Ice

Hello hello Ice Warriors!!

I hope your start to the week has gone well. A previous Q&A had gone over some of our most important types of IW events, but what about our other events? I mean those types of events that are generally more for fun but nonetheless still have importance. Today, I went around asking people what they think of these events and overall seeing how each of them is unique, so let’s get to it.

Divisional battles are often pretty well received in the Ice Warriors. What do you like about divisional battles (Polar vs Blizzard)?
IceyAvocado: I love the division battles, they are so much fun and I like the uniforms hehe. I saw a suggestion that JustAsh wrote that there should be one on newcp in the battle of the band’s area which I thought fit so well with the division battles! Polar FTW:EH~3:
I like that it’s basically like a battle, but then it becomes friendly between the divisions.

One of IW’s most recent Division Battles

Civil wars are events involving 3 teams: Troops/Iceyfeet, Staff/Staff in Training, HCOM/LiT+? What’s something you enjoy about them?
They’re fun in the sense that you get to be on the same team with people in your tier.
Nathan: Honestly they are super fun, the troops, staff, and HCOM all get to roast each other, and it’s super fun to make tactics against Chevy. :sml:
PurpleI really enjoy Civil War events; they are so fun, and it’s always nice to see troops leading events and making their own tactics. Even though HCOM always loses, we’re the best. :PurpCheer:

One of IW’s most recent Civil Wars

Troop U-Leads involve troops giving tactics for everyone on Club Penguin
ToonyWell I like those events and what I like about them is the creativity of the troop’s tactics.
Woofy: Oh I love those; it gives the troops some of what it’s like to be a staff during events.
Mikaa: So like the U-lead events because we can create some tactics, and it’s fun. :Approve:

One of IW’s most recent Troop U-Leads

Costume takeovers are like any other training event, but we wear themed costumes on Club Penguin. What makes them pretty fun?
Mogi: I think the most fun thing about it is that there is a lot of lands to invade. It’s fun to see other armies involved too in it. It’s also really fun to battle other armies.
Melonz: Overall, I think they are so fun mainly because I get to become a watermelon, Also, I can match with you (#MelonGangForever).

One of IW’s most recent Costume Takeovers

And there you have it, IW always does their best to keep everyone entertained, and that’s especially with the variety of events that are hosted by our lovely Ice Warriors leaders. Do you have a favorite type of event, and if so, which one? If you’d like, feel free to let me know. Always remember to check #announcements for what goes on in IW, react to #events-information and #ausia-events-information. Continue to vibe Ice Warriors and…


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