Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: December 21st 2021

Heyo Ice Warriors!

The Christmas Chaos Tournament has now come to a close! Some of you may have realised that last week due to the chaos from Christmas Chaos :OOP~2: , the leadership team did not have time to release the SMOTW, TOTW and ROTW. To make up for this we have 4 TOTW and 4 SMOTW this week! Keep on reading to find out who they are!

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Fan Art Friday #47

Hello Ice Warriors!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week. The start to the weekend is a very exciting time, and what better way to start it than a new version of Fan Art Friday! This article features some of the most talented warriors, and showcases their artwork. Now enough waiting, let’s get to it!

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