Troop, Recruiter and Staff Member of the Week: December 21st 2021

Heyo Ice Warriors!

The Christmas Chaos Tournament has now come to a close! Some of you may have realised that last week due to the chaos from Christmas Chaos :OOP~2: , the leadership team did not have time to release the SMOTW, TOTW and ROTW. To make up for this we have 4 TOTW and 4 SMOTW this week! Keep on reading to find out who they are!

Troops of the Week: Kapi, Pickle, Lucy & DrawinBetweenLines!

All four of these troops have been amazing during the past two weeks and are stellar examples dedication and commitment to the Ice Warriors! Kapi, Pickle, Lucy & DrawinBetweenLines are always doing their best to attend our events, training and to keep our main chat active! They also get into the hype spirit whenever we have events and make the server a much more friendlier place. Congratulations to all four of you on earning the title of troop of the week! Thank you for all your hard work, I’m super excited for the rest of your IW journeys!  

Recruiter of the Week: Lxvi!

Lxvi has been one of our most relentless recruiters from the Ice Warriors’ Recruiting Regiment! They’ve been in the Recruiting Regiment for quite a while now and have become quite a skilled recruiter as a troop! They never give up and always have done their best, thank you!

Staff Members of the Week: Penguin, Infinite, Et3rnal & Sirgon!

These four individuals have been doing a tremendous job in powering us throughout the last two weeks of the Christmas Chaos Tournament :CCXI:. From recruiting to helping new troops get accustomed on Club Penguin Rewritten, Penguin, Infinite, Et3rnal & Sirgon each have their unique strengths and together they have been phenomenal and truly deserve the title of Staff Member of the Week! A huge thank you for everything that you do for the Ice Family, we truly appreciate it. Congratulations!   


IW… the greatest of all time with legends forever being born. ~ CCXI 2021 Finals

Make sure to congratulate Kapi, Pickle, Lucy, DrawinBetweenLines, Lxvi, Penguin, Infinite, Et3rnal & Sirgon! Who knows, maybe next week YOU could be selected as the new TOTW, ROTW or SMOTW! :iceqsalute~1:

I love you, remember to love yourselves ❤


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