The Story of Ice Wizards

In one of many alternate universes, the Ice Warriors is also known as the Ice Wizards, a.k.a the Dumbledore Army. Their many battle successes include the Inquisitorial Squad (Water Vikings) and the Dementors from Azkaban (Silver Empire). Delighted, Cloudy and Kally were able to be told how they started…

On a cold breezy day, a little wizard, Icey, went to explore the Club Penguin wizarding world to find his passion that he will surely love. One day, he and his siblings went to the Dojo, where he saw 2 penguins using magic to fight! It was friendly, but this little wizard wanted to use it to fight evil. That made him realize, he also wants to fight evil if anything happens on their Island. Years passed as he trained himself and his friends to form a group called the Dumbledore Army. They spent weeks recruiting to grow their army and multiple times practicing at their castle, as they always say, practice makes perfect. 

Until they found their first enemies, the Dementors of Askaban (the most secure wizard prison) were taking over Club Penguin Island. The Dumbledore army fought valiantly, led by the legit IW leaders: Al, Luna, Trails, and DelightedGOYAL. With powerful spells and magic cast from both armies (including ice magic, of course!), both keep their army strong to continue the battle. Finally, the Dementors of Askaban were defeated, and the Dumbledore Army was victorious. Later they defeated the Inquisitorial Squad, who were traitors to the Hogwarts school. But then forgiven later as Dumbledore was a kind and forgiving man after hearing their pleas for mercy.

As they continue to grow stronger and add up more mages to their army, they are undefeatable! The Club Penguin Island was then safe from any danger with the help of the Dumbledore Army. We were also told that Icey loves his bagel with a little magic, ice spice, to add a nice flavor to his meal (yummm). They also have their blue wizard uniform and a blue penguin color, just like Ice Warriors!

Ice Wizards are having a party over there

We also ask our troops in Ice Warriors what they thought when we were changed to Ice Wizards:

Q: What was your reaction when we rebranded to the Ice Wizards?

Dark Woofy: I was shocked because I didn’t actually know that there was a Harry Potter-themed week going on.


Sebzy: So first I was like, ayo why’s the icon grey? And then I realized why, and I was like, that’s sick!

And that is for this week’s Sunday post! Hope you enjoyed that story! Now before we go, remember to buy the new #uniform in the snow and sports catalog. Hope you guys enjoyed wizard week as much as we did, and we’ll hopefully see you in #main-chat sometime! Also, don’t forget to react and attend the upcoming events #event-information to get that prizes in the #october-puzzle-hunt! As always, 

Don’t Freeze Up!

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