Sunday Funday #13

Hello hello Ice Warriors!

I hope you all have had a fine Sunday so far. The end of the week is near, which means there’s a new and fresh edition of Sunday Funday! If you guys don’t know what Sunday Funday is, it’s a series of minigames that you can earn snowflakes for completing! Now now, let’s get to it!

First up on our list, we have the Ice Warriors Troop Word Search. There are 12 different names of troops you can find, how fast are you able to find them all?

Our next game will be a new version of Spot the Difference! Below is an event picture from one of our recent events during the Harry Potter theme week. There are five differences between the two images, they could be missing penguins, words, or even added symbols! Can you spot them all?

Up next is a Word Scramble. Here we have four different scrambled channel names that are currently seen in the IW server. Unscramble each of these to decipher the channels.

The last activity we have is a new edition of Where’s Waldo, but Staff! Some staff members have been very sneaky and have hidden among the others. Try to find the requested member in each event picture. Good luck. Some of them are tough!

We had a fun Harry Potter theme week with a ton of fun events! Try to spot our staff member, Cloudy (CPR username: Cloudy512), in this event picture. 

Can you spot our Brita Filter queen, Kally (CPR username: KallyIW), in this fun picture from a battle against the Water Vikings?

Lastly, try to find our Staff in Training, Silverboy (CPR username: djtiger8) in the image from our Heroes and Villains week! 

That will wrap things up for this edition of Sunday Funday! I hope you all will have a fun time with this one. Are you able to complete all of the games? If yes, then be sure to DM a screenshot with your answers to .penguin#1424 or josh⚡️#5667, and you may receive some snowflakes in your bank balance! Other than that we certainly hope you have an amazing week and most importantly…

Don’t Freeze Up!

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