Troop/Staff of the Week: October 25th 2021

Hey Ice Warriors Family! We’ve reached the final week of our October themes. This week’s theme is Spooky Characters, so make sure to participate. A new theme also means a new TOTW and SMOTW. Keep reading to find out who these hardworking and spooky penguins are!:pumpkinwiggle:

Troop of the Week: Sebzy & Sherwa

Staff of the Week: Eternal & Trails

Sebzy attended five of our events last week! He’s also an amazing Recruiting Warrior, always helping Ice Warriors grow! He’s often in our main chat interacting with others and making sure everyone feels welcomed. We can’t wait to see how far you go in IW Sebzy!

Sherwa attended many of our events last week! She is very enthusiastic and can often be found in our main chat. Sherwa is very kind and welcoming to others. We’re really happy to have you here Sherwa. Keep up the amazing work!

Captain Eternal is always working extremely hard to make sure Ice Warriors is always successful. He is an amazing recruiter and also helps new troops to get set up on CPR. Eternal was recently promoted to Head of IWRR and has been putting so much effort into ensuring the success of IWRR. He is also an amazing reporter for IWNC. Eternal is a very hardworking and well-rounded staff member. We are very proud of you Captain!:pirate:

Trails, our local MEE6 lover, has been an excellent staff member. He attended all of our events this past week! He’s also been doing an incredible job at leading events. Trails is also the Co-Head of IWTR and has been working very hard in this branch. He’s also very active in the main chat doing his best to make sure others feel welcomed. We are very proud of you, Trails, and how much you’ve grown!:Love6:

Congratulations to these 4 amazing penguins! Hard work and dedication never go unnoticed. We’re very thankful for all of you in Ice Warriors. If you want to be the next Staff/Troop/Recruiter of the Week, make sure to attend events, talk in main-chat, and recruit! I hope you all enjoyed the October-themed weeks. What was your favorite October theme? Let us know in the comment section down below. And make sure to congratulate Sebzy, Sherwa, Eternal, and Trails in the main chat!:CrisySalute::iw_scribble_heart:

:tl1SparklesBlue:Ice Family Forever!:tl1SparklesBlue:


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